Dysphoria - A Dark Fantasy: Sleeping Moons (Part 1)
Dysphoria - A Dark Fantasy: Sleeping Moons (Part 1)  horror stories

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Ah Rosetta. A beautiful city of white stone and dwarven ancestry. Although long gone as their tribes migrated to the west the few that stayed forged alliances with the elven neighbors and the human imperialists they once waged war with. History was the soul of this city. Was. Now a breeding ground for crime and a new player in the mix that has a nasty habit of burning down villages.

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Dysphoria - A Dark Fantasy: Sleeping Moons (Part 1)

"So, we're looking for a native woman from the eastern kingdom?"

Blu removed his hat and hugged it to his chest with both arms, his pipe balancing between his lips as his icy gaze locked on the noble behind his desk that was probably far too expensive.

Sitting in a chair that was most likely worth more than his little shack in the outskirts. Envy was something Blu never really danced with.

But he couldn't help but be a little bit angered knowing there were thousands if not millions in Solis that worked job from job just to afford a roof over their head that did a lousy job

as shelter when the rainstorms arrived from the North and East. The nobleman, Orion Soma, was the third wealthiest man in Solis.

He was a small, overweight man that did a poor job of covering his balding head. Really. Wear a hat.

Blu enjoyed the thought that maybe Soma was secretly a turtle who ate a nobleman and took his job. Was this possible? Not at all. Was it hilarious? To him it was.

"What I said, Nobel Soma."

Soma scratched his nose as he scanned the documents Blu had expertly prepared for him during his journey back from Hitori. Blu did not consider himself neat or proper.

But he did however take pride in paperwork. An opportunity to tell a story was something he would never pass up.

Ironically, this alone gained him a few promotions in the military, but he turned most down due to the leading to what Blu called a boring desk job in the capitol.

At the end of the day he was a soldier. One for hire now. But all the same. Killing was a skill of his that always topped everything else.

That and he did have a rather fetching recipe for black apple pie. It is tastier than it sounds.

Soma, nodded and frowned as he looked up to Blu, resting his palms on his desk with a slouch. "Finding an Easter woman in Solis would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, Mista Blu.

The South and West are incredibly open, and all shapes and sizes of people walk the city streets. While you were at the top of the map several new murders sprung up by the way.

All adult males this time and in the same week. Five human, two pointy ears. All with extensive noble or military background. Murders to serial killings.

This beast clearly has something against men."

"Perfect. I thought she only targeted humans by monthly? Now it's basically every other day." Blu squinted his eyes with frustration. "That is a rather disturbing jump."

"She is a lot braver now and is aware we are all sitting here twiddling our thumbs. Adding more fire to the mix some local towns surrounding Rosetta have reported sightings of cultists.

Especially in the mountain regions of Solis. Though I don't think the two are connected I already took the liberty of dispatching my finest men to investigate the matter."

"And how that'd go?"

"We received word they had discovered an old cave system. Most likely a forgotten dwarven steel mine. But that was three days ago.

We have a number of outposts in that area so it's unlikely they wouldn't be able to send word if they found something.

" Soma removed the handkerchief from his dress wear pocket and polished his head, beads of sweat dripping down and smacking into the paperwork Blu so hardly worked on.

He cringed, but, shrugged it off.

"So, I'm guessing you'll say next, dear Blu please go to the scary mine and deal with cultists. That was not the job we agreed on. I would rather keep on the woman's scent while I still have it.

She could be on her way to the North by now ready to terrorize a new people."

"That is exactly what I am asking, Mista Blu.

If by some chance these newly discovered cultists relate to the increased murders, we'll be one step closer to apprehending this monster and sending her to the firing squad where she belongs."

"I was always more of a fan of hangings. But I digress." Blu placed his hat back on his head and tilted it to the overweight noble. "I assume you have a party ready for me.

This is not the same as investigating a deserted village. Things could get nasty as we both know cultists can be an unwelcoming bunch."

"I've already handled it. The Greythorne guild has offered us two of their best. One a mage which I am sure you will get a kick out of and the other is a master of the eastern martial arts."

"Wonderful. If things go south, I can trip one of them and run."

"Excuse me?"

Blu chuckled and waved as he exited the office, "Try not to work too hard. Be seein ya real soon."

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