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by tteotw

We are told by others that word is law.

What I mean to say:

In school, are we not taught the ways of others? Pythagoras, Pliny, Einstein, Copernicus, and other geniuses

Does that mean no one believes that we are geniuses?

Does that mean our ideas are not valued?

Oh--wait! Maybe...our ideas were already thought of?

No...that can't be. Don't we have our own ideas?

Aren't they unique?

I mean, they came from a brain like no other. Brains can't be identical, can they?

No, they can't.

Ideas aren't identical, because they come from different sources.

And don't the teachers say that different sources...

give different ideas?

Don't they say that sometimes

These ideas are correct in their own ways? That we should respect other opinions?

If that is so, what is stopping us

From speaking out with our ideas?

Nothing except fear. And fear is an illusion of the mind.

Anyways, who are they to judge?

They probably had different ideas. So they shouldn't make fun of ours. We WERE told to respect different opinions.

Nothing and no one silences our ideas.

So shout your thoughts to the world.

Everyone deserves to be heard.

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