a crush to end all crushes by d.j.
a crush to end all crushes by d.j. romance stories

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all the things i wish i could say to you, but you’d never understand

a crush to end all crushes by d.j.

my every other thought is you, your melodic voice, your gorgeous face that i truly believe was crafted by god himself, and those striking emerald eyes that stare deep into my soul

with every text and every call i fall more, if that’s even possible

i imagine your beautiful, graceful lips speaking each text breathlessly, as if you were right next to me

you are one of the dirtiest people i know, so confident in your sexuality it makes me want you in ways i never thought were possible

is it so wrong to want to show you what true love is? to let you go to bed every night with a smile on your face thinking “wow this is what love feels like”

you are my dream girl, everything i have ever wanted and everything i will continue to want until i’m old and grey

sadly, you pine over a woman who does not deserve your longing gaze

she is too busy staring at her phone waiting for a text from another to realize the truly breathtaking sight before her

i’m sorry she fooled you, i’d have traced your skin and never left

i’ve sat on the sidelines of your life and watched you grow into a true angel, us humans don’t deserve such a beauty, we’re not pure enough

you’re like a forest fire, spreading through me, turning everything in your path to ashes

i am a lovestruck spectator, watching hopelessly as you devour my body with your flames, my heart smiling as it goes

this crush is the crush to end all crushes, and while i’m sad it’s unrequited, i’m glad it’s on you

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