It Doesn’t Exist
It Doesn’t Exist  dark stories

truth99 Community member
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Big decisions - mean nothing Am I happy?

It Doesn’t Exist

Big decisions - mean nothing

Am I happy?

See, that’s the tough thing

I’m told I should be

But I’m struggling

No one sees the pain I’m in

Depression? Doesn’t exist

That’s what I’m told

So time to get pissed

Forget all my problems

Would I be missed?

Some more worries to add to the list

Peaked too early? Probably

Nothing worked out

How its supposed to be

The thoughts make it worse

And the pressure on me

But it doesn’t matter, I’m used to the reality

Sex, drugs, alcohol

We’re all in the loop

And I’m just a troop

Mental health is the commander

It’s not what I want

But it’ll always be there

There’s no escape from this pit of despair

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