Shit. shit stories

trustmenot I write when im stoned or high, or both.
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Everything is shit.


I see shit, I feel shit, I smell shit, I taste shit.

We live in a world, in a life, where you constantly get shit on ever so slowly,

and then one day suddenly it just pours shit none fucking stop.

and it keeps and keeps on pouring.

and everyone is closing their eyes and walking around with their mouths shut as if they were kids walking outside to taste the first falling snow.

Every one, plugging their nose, shutting their mouths, closing their eyes, hugging themselves so they don’t smell, taste, see or feel the shit around them,

living in their own illusion that they are standing in nice worm water, smelling the blossoming trees, imagining humming birds buzzing around a flower, touching a loved one.

When in reality were all swimming in shit,

and I feel like I’m the only one who life grabbed by the throat and hands and is forcing to eat smell see and touch all of its shit.

Absolute shit.

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