My love for you.

                         My love for you. love stories
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After so many years you’d think i’d get it right

My love for you.

Six I don’t know why I decided to call you six- your birthday does not lie on the sixth, our anniversary doesn’t include a singular six. I can’t tell you why I named you six, but I can tell you why I love you. How you became the one and what you mean to me but, that is not for now.

You see six, you have a special power over me that no one has possessed before, you made me want to change my mind on marriage, you made me want to out effort into what I look like. That’s not everything, but you get the point- you are very powerful.

We both know i’m a broken from the past, but somehow you make me forget everything- just you and I.

Just you and I six.

I will love you forever I hope you know.

it’s hard to understand some feelings sometimes but if you trust me you’ll eventually see.


I love you

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