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Love is blind

They really wasn’t kidding when they said ‘Love is blind.’

One minute I can feel completely content with the same person and the next I start to doubt..

Just thinking to myself ‘did I dodge a bullet or just lost the love of my life?’ and the weird thing is.. i’ll never know without risking my heart being broken.

It’s not something I could ask for help from because no one sees it from your view.. If you’re as special as they make you feel when it’s just you, then can you really ask someone who’s never around?

But is that much commitment hard to let go of?

Are all the emotions that come along blind too?

Can you actually see yourself being with that one person? Can you physically see yourself in 20 years? No.. no one can because we can’t time travel..

Can you see into the future to how the one would treat you if you were to let them roam free? No you can’t.. no one controls someone else’s mind

It’s all blind.. The only thing you know is what has happened. But what actually happened? Through their thoughts and their spare time.. Are they truly who they make out to be?

You could be fed a lie your whole relationship and you wouldn’t know unless the secret unfolded.. But question is.. How can you tell?

How can you know that everything someone has ever told you is true? How can you possibly feel so much trust towards someone when there’s others in your life who have been there longer? How can you take their promises with a grain of salt?

I don’t know.. How can you?

Because it’s all blind.. You are


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