intimacy with an audience X
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passion is between two people but it doesn’t hurt to watch Xx

intimacy with an audience X

For six and I, it was our first action of the new year and it was a risky decision. During a period of study, six and I spent most of it feeling each other under the table. I couldn’t help but want him to bend me over, pull my hair and feel me drip all over his fingers.

I was wearing a black turtle neck with a while button up pinafore, tights, vans, black bra with matching panties, a coat, my glasses and my hair in two curled space buns and six looked so sexy in his black jeans and dark grey sweater and vans. So put together but effortless. I really wanted to feel him. I knew I could make him hard under the table but that would only tease me more.

We went for a walk at our break, through a field before coming to a stop I was really nervous of being caught, although I have always wanted someone to watch six and I. We starting by kissing on a muddy pathway in the corner of a field and before I knew it six had his hand down my panties, testing how wet he could make me..

I couldn’t help but moan, he just knew where to touch me and how many fingers. I was cumming from the slightest rub. He stopped so I could squat down and take him in my mouth, I could feel how hard he was, he got wet by touching me and it only made me want him more. He started to pull my hair so I could tell he enjoyed it. I got up, turned around and let six do me from behind.

As he was pounding me he pulled my hair and I couldn’t resist arching my back some more, letting him reach deep inside of me. I slipped on the mud a bit too much so we started kissing with my panties still at my knees. Six started jerking off and I was about to play with myself when I looked over six’s shoulder and saw a group of walkers at the other end of the field.

Usually I wouldn’t care but I could tell they wanted to come our way so six and I immediately stopped and walking the other way- they followed. As six and I reached another field we turned left and waited for the group to pass us. When the group finally passed six and I found a bench in the middle of the two fields and I took him in my mouth caressing him with my tongue before, sliding down on him. Six loved the view of my butt and he loved it during sex.

I couldn’t help but moan and break a sweat. He was loving the fast up and down motion, I could feel how hard he was inside of me and it made me throb on him. As I stopped, Six got up and told me to bend over the bench. I’d never wanted to do something so quickly so I bent over the bench with my knees on the seat, sticking out my butt.

Six slid in and started pounding me. I grabbed onto the bench harder as my orgasm was growing. When I orgasmed, I became so wet, I couldn’t control my hunger- I wanted six to finish! Six was making me wetter and wetter by the second, every thrust had me clenching the bench... I couldn’t help but go cross eyed at each orgasm, I was so wet..

Six told me he was about to cum and I moved to quickly out him in my mouth but some came out before I could put him in my mouth. I can’t complain, I still got to taste him and I couldn’t help but swallow. After our fun, we starting walking back but just as we thought we had finished, six told me we still had time left so we ran back to the bench and I took him in my mouth again!

Tracing the sides with my tongue before taking him whole in my mouth; sucking, licking, choking. I couldn’t help myself but want to taste more. I didn’t think he would unload again so soon after just doing it so I tried harder than the first time and he did it but this time I got to swallow all of it. I continued after he had finished and he tried to stop me while moaning uncontrollably... whoopsie.

Luckily we stopped when we did because the walkers started to come back as we left. I guess they didn’t get to see all of it.

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