He came on my breasts.

He came on my breasts. love stories

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Something warm and salty. X

He came on my breasts.

6 loves my body. The curves, how easy access he would have when I wore skirts, my D cups and my innocent look- only he knew how freaky I could be. He liked my bangs with my glasses, my cappuccino kissed skin, and the mystery my big brown eyes held.. The chubby cheeks that dimpled with the slightest happiness and the way I scrunch my nose when something was to my amusement. He loved the confident yet shy persona and how “cute” I am to the outside world.

However 6 likes to remind me I am his from head to toe.. Either deep in my guts or in my mouth and this had some powerful domain over me because I would go wild to feel him cum in me. Even thought of his cum makes me throb- I just can’t help it, I am freaky.

I’m the type that could talk to anyone with a dreadfully “contagious” giggle. But only if the outside world knew what I could get up to in the bedroom. How secretive I was with my freaky side gave 6 pride- although “every guy would beg for you to be bouncing on their dick.” 6 generally never had a problem with this secret side apart from his imagination and his jealousness.

One day in my favourite sex position, 6 had me moaning beyond control. Every pound from his hard dick on my g spot brought me closer and closer to full blown orgasm- I was about to cum. 6 knows what he’s doing because the moment I go cross eyed and claw his back he goes faster. I have never wanted something so much in my life. He was so big and hard inside of me and the thought drove me insane.

As I was about to cum, he pulled out and ate me out. The magic of his tongue made me cum and he wanted to taste every last drop of his creation. Then it was his turn to show me who I belonged to. It was so hot as he started masturbating right in front of my face, kneeled over me on the sofa and all I wanted was him deep in my throat.

He teased me so hard and I couldn’t even touch him, all I could do was watch so I touched myself.. Watching him do that right in front of me, seeing how hard he was, how much he was enjoying it drove me WILD. but before I knew it he was about to cum and he did it all over my breasts. My nipples were so hard and I just wanted him in me again and again.

As he came I moaned a little and it made him cum a little more. This was to show me who was in charge. 6 liked to ensure I knew who I belonged to when he was getting jealous of other guys liking his girl.

but I can’t complain.. I love being dominated.

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