Dear mum.
Dear mum. love stories

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I’m sorry i’ve been away for a while...

Dear mum.

It’s been around half a year since you left this world. It’s been half a year of emotions that I can’t quite understand.. because my heart is broken. I never quite thought you would be the one to break it but you fought so hard not to.

From the day I was placed on this earth, you were my number one... even my bestfriend so it’s hard to believe that i’ve got to continue without you. I know you’re still here in my heart but it’s not quite the same when I can’t hug you.

I know you said being sad is a waste of time but it’s kind of hard when you’re not around.. I slept with your clothes the other night.. I found them the other night and all I could do was cry.. Reminded me of our shopping trips every other day...

It’s hard to believe that this time last year you were still around.. I was never prepared to watch you pass away..

I love you mum but this pain won’t go away..

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