truemedreamer, introvert, passionate
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by trueme

Create your moments to feed your dreams and collect your cherished memories to chase away your nightmares ......

.........sparkle in you brightens the surroundings . innocence in you melts the hearts....

......our lives are what we decide, we dream to change that by going back in our past....

....but soon find these dreams becoming nightmares because we want them to be true so desperately......

.....a glass in hand and music in mind brings smile thinking of a untreasured past becoming cherished memories of present

.......try to relive life in moment of loneliness not realising, the moment is not mine to be taken......

.......thoughts though different time zones apart forces you to believe in dreams again....

.....and thoughts connected through faraway words have interwoven to create the cherished memories.....

Throw away the nightmares and capture life in your dreams....because sunrise never looked better....

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truemedreamer, introvert, passionate
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truemedreamer, introvert, passionate
9 months agoReply
@skye Thankyou...your words means a lot. i hope to keep writing as long as nightmares don't come back...

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
You have a great PMA (positive mental attitude). I used to tell people , "I don't want or care about dreams. I plan so I can have memories." You have to walk on the sunny side if you want to be happy. Your writing is incredibly eloquent. Greatn post!!!

9 months agoReply
You write so well because your thoughts are clear and aligned. Live in the moment, enjoy the glass, the music, solitude and your thoughts, not everyone has those. While I'll learn to follow my dreams and chase away nightmares...need a constant reminder of it as I move forward after an emotional crash last 2-3 weeks. Thank you, dear!