Forbidden Heat pt 7.2 - The Peeping Hole
Forbidden Heat pt 7.2 - The Peeping Hole r-18 stories

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What was that just now...? Lucien...what are you thinking right now? The wet stickiness between my legs was the best answer I could find. Every spot on my body that he touched is burning as if it was on fire. I could still feel his lingering touch on my body as if he was still here with me, right here on the bed.

Forbidden Heat pt 7.2 - The Peeping Hole

What was that just now...? Lucien...what are you thinking right now? The wet stickiness between my legs was the best answer I could find.

Every spot on my body that he touched is burning as if it was on fire. I could still feel his lingering touch on my body as if he was still here with me, right here on the bed.

I trialed my fingers along my legs reliving the sensation of his hands on my legs, my thighs...and then my ass. My nipples were hard again and my breasts were bouncing up and down as I panted.

My pussy clenched hard as I squeezed my thighs together. I need to sleep but I can't stop thinking of Lucien...I want him...oh god, I want him!


After closing the door to Natalia's bedroom behind him, Lucien stood still calming his breath. His huge dick was throbbing with need.

As usual, whenever he yearned for Natalia, he headed to that room.

The room next to Natalia's bedroom is a guest bedroom and since they hardly ever hosted guests overnight, this room hasn't been used for years.

Decorated in luxury as per the standard of this mansion, the room looked like any other well-furnished bedroom except Lucien knew that this room hid a secret.

Closing the door to the guest bedroom behind him, Lucian immediately headed to the white wooden closet built into the wall separating Natalia's bedroom from this room.

Connected to the back of this closet was an opening into a secret room smartly hidden sandwiched between the back of this closet and Natalia's bedroom.

There is a small hole in the wall that grants the one peeping through a full and unobstructed view inside of Natalia's bedroom.

Lucien has been in here countless times before to observe his step daughter.

At first, he justified his actions with concern for her but as Natalia blossomed into such a beautiful woman in the past recent years,

he came to this room more frequently driven by his desire for her. Today was no exception.

The secret room is not furnished except for a small coffee table and a wooden chair that Lucien sneaked in. Lucien is probably the only living person who knows about this room.

Lucien sat down on the chair and peeped into the hole to see Natalia still lying in her bed. Is she asleep already?

After a few minutes, Natalia started roll side to side on her bed before throwing the blanket off her body as she thrusted her hips upwards.

"I guess she is feeling it after all..." Lucien muttered to himself with smirk on his lips.


I can't possibly fall asleep. My pussy won't stop throbbing with need and it's becoming wetter and wetter as I thought more of Lucien, his touch, his sexy voice.

I reached up one hand to squeeze my breast feeling my nipples hardening to my touch.

I moaned softly and pinched my nipple with my finger while reaching my other hand to stroke the sensitive bud between my legs.

My pussy was so wet providing more than enough lubrication for me to slide a finger smoothly into my hole.

I squeezed my legs together and rolled a bit side to side to clenched and squeeze my pussy wall around my finger tighter. This couldn't satisfy my lust...

I threw the blanket away from my body as I thrusted my hips sharply upwards ramming my finger into my hot cunt repeatedly fucking myself.

I curled my finger to pushed upwards to locate my g-spot before pushing against it for stimulation.

Driven with lust for Lucien, I sat up and moved to sit on the side of my bed before spreading open my legs wide and started fucking my cunt with my own finger once more.

"Ah!...Lucien...fuck me...Lucien!...make me cum...ahhhh," I screamed with pleasure as I imagined Lucian's hot shaft plunging in and out of my flooding cave.

I added another finger into my hole and fingered myself even harder while my fantasies ran wild.

My pussy walls twitched around my own fingers as I thrusted my hips upwards attempting to take my fingers in deeper.

I fondled my breast and called out Lucien's name in between my pants and moans, thrusting my fingers into my hot hole. I want him so much...


Lucien heard Natalia's moans loud and clear as she called out his name while pleasuring herself and it filled him with love and lust for her.

Relief filled him as he realized that she indeed loved and wanted him too.

He could see her erotic face and her widely-spread pussy lips in full view as she thrusted her two fingers inside herself trying to satisfy her need for him.

His hand reached to free his erect and swollen cock from his pajama pants and began stroking it up and down matching his rhythm to Natalia's finger as she fucked her own pussy.

Her beautiful tits were bouncing up and down as she rocked her hips against her fingers giving him a good show.

The sight and sound of her masturbating to her yearning for him was turning him on more than he could imagine.

As always, he wanted to thrust his cock into her cunt and fuck her until she could no longer walk.

He closed his eyes while listening to her moaning his name, fueling his own fantasy of thrusting his member inside her as he pumped his hand along the length of his cock faster and harder.

He stifled his moans of pleasure, afraid that she would hear him on the other side of the wall separating them.

Wait for me, Natalia. I will make you mine soon after all of this is over. I will fuck you the way you want to be fucked...we will be together forever.

I want to touch you and turn you on more than today...I want to pleasure you and then fuck you hard...

His hands moved even faster along the length of his cock as a white small pool of precum started to form at the tip of its head.

Lucien thrust his hips upwards from the chair wildly as if thrusting into the body of his love. His breath became more labored while he secretly whispered Natalia's name.


"I'm cumming...Lucien...come with me...Ahhh..Ahhh!" I screamed as I reached my climax inviting my imaginary lover to cum along with me.

I imagined his cock twitching as he shoots his cum deep inside my womb and I clenched my pussy wall hard around my fingers. My cum gushing out from deep within me to wet my own fingers.

I rocked up hips upwards and lay back onto the bed, spreading my legs wider as I rode out my own orgasm.

"Lucien...I love you..."


Natalia just came and fell asleep instantly. She is so adorable and so sexy. My cock twitched in my hand as I watched the arousing sight of Natalia's beautiful climax.

She even thought of me when she reached her climax, calling out my name in her most lustful voice. I jerked my cock faster wanting to cum soon after Natalia.

I groaned as I approached my own release all the while imagining thrusting my hard cock into Natalia's tight pussy and hitting my tip to her womb. I want to fill her with my seed...

I want to make her mine and mine alone.

"I love you...Natalia..." Lucien groaned in a strained voice as he reached his climax. Hot semen shot out of his manhood in waves landing on the floor.

He was coming non-stop as he emptied his load imagining that he was planting his seed inside Natalia's loving body.


Lucien made his way back to his bedroom which was located on the other wing of the mansion.

There were many things that he needed to settle before he could be with Natalia but knowing now how much she wanted him has given him a burst of determination.

Dealing with the elders at the main branch of the house would prove to be difficult but he was determined to do whatever it took to make Natalia his.

He has learnt throughout his life since he was a boy that to gain something, he had to make many sacrifices to bargain with the elders.

--to be continued...

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