Shame(trigger warning)
Shame(trigger warning) thoughts stories

tru I am here looking for my rhythm.
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Im working on some things, some days are easier than others, but I refuse to allow my subconscious to continue to use my past as an excuse, when it comes to living my best life and reaching my goals. Be careful because it could be triggering ❤

Shame(trigger warning)

You overpowered and darkness devoured

Leaving me feeling weak

Unable to speak

Shrouded in shame

This illogical self blame

Trying to justify what you did...

Maybe you had too much to drink

The beast and insecurity in you was too strong to overcome...

I came up with many reasons to downplay what was done

Maybe I was too friendly

Appeared too fragile

Leaving you in no doubt that a physical battle was your to be won...

These thoughts entrapped me

Leaving me trying to hide the broken bits in me

Allowing open scars to fester

As I tried to keep my broken mind and body busy

We adapted but never healed from the wreckage you caused

And that sounds like I am giving all power to you

But I am not

I am sitting here realising what I forgot.....

Strength and power is forged in those moments where we keep going even when that's not what we want ,we loose hope or sight of where we are journeying to

You may have ignored my screams, overpowered as I fought but I kept going and in terms of being filled with humanity- I am whole

But you are the scum-filled, insecure, violent looser with the damaged soul!!

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