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tru I am here looking for my rhythm.
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The prompt of the day is the word 'drink'


The prompt of the day is the word 'drink'

And I thought of you,

And the words and thoughts kept coming and going

Whirling around

Ebbing and flowing

Because thoughts of you make me laugh and smile

Cry and want to crawl up in denial

thoughts of you makes me want to swim, climb, fly. .do whatever it takes to get to you and remind you of your beauty,

You once said to me " I think you have forgotten how good you are"

And you were right.....

Now I want the distance between us to be not so far

Calls just don't cut it

They don't stretch far enough to enable me to remind you how amazing you are and if having you in my life makes me cry sometimes,

well then for you I would spend the rest of my life sobbing my heart out in the hope that maybe my tears could wash away even some of your pain....

Salt water they say is good for helping to heal wounds so maybe we could shed them together

Leaving down the bottle and the journey to oblivion...maybe you wouldn't need a drink to try and cope with the aches

But I sit here with thoughts coming and going , not knowing and doing nothing

Acknowledging heartbreaks

I love you but I hate that the word 'drink' makes me think of you

I hate it because I love you!

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