Cold heartbreak stories

trisarahtopsIf music is the food of love, play on.
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When you realize you're worried about your friend for doing the same destructive behaviours as you.


by trisarahtops

It's one of the worst things in the world

To see one of your best friends get left by the girl he loves

To watch him go into a downward spiral

Back to being careless

And stone cold

It hurts so much to know

That he experienced love for the first time

And became a new person

Full of hope

Full of life

Just to have it all taken away

I thought to myself it's such a shame

That he was changed

But heartbreak made him go right back to being closed off

I wanted to ask him why he would do that

After making so much progress

And then the question hit me like a ton of bricks -

Why did you?

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