How Idea Hunt became one of the top hunted products on Product Hunt
How Idea Hunt became one of the top hunted products on Product Hunt stories

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Idea Hunt, a platform that connects companies peoples, and ideas, amassed over 750 upvotes on Product Hunt and was one the top products of the day. Here are the strategies we used!

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How Idea Hunt became one of the top hunted products on Product Hunt

by Elia Mörling, Founder of Idea Hunt

Idea Hunt connects companies, people and ideas.

Each hunt focuses on a specific challenge, for example: What is the killer feature we are missing? What is the best use case for our product? How can we attract more users?

We decided to launch on Product on a Tuesday

Because I have always found that to be a good day to send a newsletter.

Leading up to the launch, I spent the first three months:

Having lunch meetings with CEOs & iterating on an Invision prototype based on their feedback. After that we spent another 8 months building it & on-boarding some paying customers.

Two weeks prior to launch:

I invited my product hunt followers to give me feedback on the concept through surveys. This allowed me to collect 400 contacts that I could notify when we went live on Product Hunt.

I researched the most active hunter w/ the largest following

He agreed to help. However, for personal reasons he dropped off the radar a couple of days before launch. That’s when I decided to hunt it myself. I realized that my 2.5K followers were enough

I selected 9ET to get hunted

I wanted the States to find my product in the morning.

I prepared a list of 3K contacts prior to launch

They were spread across e-mail, Slack, Twitter, and Facebook. I used a trickle effect and contacted them throughout the day, based on their location.

I built my own Twitter Bot

to contact everyone that I had prepped before launch. I never linked directly to our post, and I never directly asked anyone to vote.

From the PH launch, we accumulated thousands of sign-ups

We got lots of feedback that we will use to improve Idea Hunt. 1 week later & we see that 25% are returning users, & very active on the site.

I think our product was a good fit for Product Hunt

and we also managed to build our community before launch.

Advice for founders launching on Product Hunt

Spend a few months learn how Product Hunt works. You should also build a geographically diverse community prior to launch. As well as figure out how to avoid the ketchup effect, & invite them

I would be very happy if more people wanted to participate in our featured Idea Hunts, and invite their friends. We also need help to find cool products that would make for awesome Idea Hunts.

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