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Next time I see you... I will kill you.

Next Time

I looked at my silver diamond increscent Rolex and it currently read ten thirty. I was sitting in the passenger side of the stolen Luxury Sedan looking out of the rolled down window.

As Rocky sped up to sixty miles per hour on the desolate freeway, the wind became vicious blowing in my face, but it felt good,

it was refreshing unlike the smell of dead bodies emerging from the trunk. I looked up, the sky was a beautiful ocean blue color because of the blue moon glistening in the sky like a diamond.

The scene seemed so perfect for our current situation, and I had to say, it felt good to not be the one driving for once.

“What are we going to do with him?” Rocky asked me and I racked my brain to yield an answer, but I didn't have a good one.

“I think we should kill him to make sure he doesn’t share this story with anybody else,” I told him.

“We'll see.”

We pulled up in the parking lot of the desolate pier and got out, I walked around back and opened the trunk where the foul smell was coming from.

Niquest was currently lying tied up with tape around his mouth. I ripped the tape off and untied him. He ran past me all the way down the pier and began throwing up into the water.

“So, what do we do with these bodies? Just going to throw them overboard?” Rocky asked.

“I guess so, unless you have a better idea.”

“Nope." We performed the old ritual. He grabbed one of the bodies and lifted it out of the trunk and I grabbed the other one. We both walked them down the pier.

We tied heavy rocks to their legs to make sure they don’t float, then threw them over the edge. SPLASH! The bodies went sinking down into the sea. “Now what?”

“We could kill this son of a bitch,” I pointed at Niquest. “If you think that’s okay.”

“Well I think that’s a little too obvious, his people automatically knew we were going to retaliate, so if we kill him they’ll be all over us.”

“Man I’m not even worried about them right now, but what matters is that he won’t be a problem with us anymore because I’m tired of seeing this kids face every week.”

“Well, let’s at least talk to him before we do something stupid okay.”

I took out my silver Beretta 9m and aimed it at Niquest, “Listen, you little son of a bitch, I’ve had it with you.

I’m tired of you terrorizing my people all the time,” I spoke nonchalantly. “Either you're going to leave us alone or I’m going to kill you.”

“No please man, I swear I’ll leave y’all alone, just let me go,” he pleaded on his knees.

“We already gave you too many warnings, I think it’s time for you to go.”

“No man I swear you’ll never hear from me again, ever!”

“Well how do we know this is the truth?” Rocky asked.

“Please man, I swear… As a child of god…”

“Oh please I don’t want to hear this Christian bullshit,” I cocked my gun and pointed it at his forehead, but Rocky took it from me and kneeled down on the ground next to Niquest.

“Listen, we’re not going to kill you, just give us our money and go,” Rocky said tranquilly.

“Alright,” Niquest jumped up and grabbed his wallet from his pocket and pulled out the money he owed us. I snatched it from him.

“Now get out of here, I don’t want to see you or hear anything about anymore. And if I so as much hear about you harassing anybody in our group, I will kill you.”

“Thank you,” Niquest said as he sprinted down the pier into the night.

“What the hell was that?” I asked Rocky.

“We can’t just go around killing people, we just sunk two bodies, we have a case out in our name and they already know what type of people we are. We've been doing this for a long time.”

“Well you don’t make the calls around here, I do,” I said.

“We can’t keep doing this.”

“Maybe you can’t, but I sure as hell can,” I aimed the gun over at Niquest, who I still had a pretty good shot at, but as soon as I got ready to shoot,

Rocky wrestled the gun out of my hands and pointed it at me.

“Listen, we’re going to do this the right way not the corrupt way. We can’t afford to get into any more trouble.”

“Man give me my gun,“ I snatched it back from him. “Don’t you ever point a gun at me again. I will beat you to the ground Rocky.”

“No, I don’t think you will,” Rocky stepped into my face with his fist balled up. “If you’ve got a problem, do something about it.

” I recognized the expression on his face, that’s the look he gave to people when he wanted to kill them. I have to admit it was a quite intimidating look.

“I’m not going to fight you Rocky.” I put my gun back inside my leather jacket pocket.

“What? You scared?” He whispered and gave me a chest bump.

"I see there's no way out of this." I cracked my knuckles and I gave him a sharp punch in the chin dropping him to the ground.

I continued punching him as he was on the ground, but then I remembered my goal wasn't to kill him yet. I stopped.

“You've had enough yet?” I stood up looking down at him while he slowly brought himself to his feet.

As he got up he charged at me and pushed me up against the bridge of the pier and punched me twice in the nose.

I pushed him off of me and we continued exchanging punches back and forth to each other. But then I caught Rocky in a headlock and as he struggled to get out, he seemed to become more relaxed.

“Are you done?” I whispered quietly and freed him from my grip. He sat up not attempting to fight back. I turned my back and looked over the bridge down at the water.

The moon's reflection illuminated the water making it shine upwards at me.

“Man I don’t get you sometimes,” Rocky said. I looked back at him and his nose was bleeding. “Was that necessary?”

“You asked for it. You're the one that wanted to fight me.”

Rocky sighed. “Can we just go now?”

“Fine by me.”

We walked back down to the car and Rocky drove off into the quiescent night. Driving down the desolate street we saw Niquest Walking and Rocky slowed down and rolled down his window.

“Remember, I will kill you next time I see you.” Niquest shook his head and we continued driving down the road.

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