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I guess I’ll always be living in my mind.

In My Mind

In my mind you're still here with me.

You never left.

In my mind we're still those kids we used to be.

I still have visions of us in the classroom cracking jokes, sharing laughs and having fun.

And when the days through we'd go to our special place and watch the setting of the sun.

I remember the first time we met

The connection was on sight.

Everything was just right.

The love we shared was real.

I knew my life would never be the same after that day.

You gave me some of the greatest stories to ever tell.

And even if I don't end up sharing them with the world,

I'll always have those memories of us.

You made me have faith in myself again.

You pushed me to do things I would've never done otherwise.

For that I can't thank you enough.

Even though you had an early departure from this earth

I still feel like you're here with me and like I might somehow see you again

or maybe we'll connect again in another life.

Maybe its just wishful thinking,

Or mindless dreaming,

Either way I'm so happy you were apart of my life.

Everything I do you're always right here next to me for it all.

I guess I'll always be living in my mind

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