Present By trevoryan
Present By trevoryan

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trevoryan Overthinking is a habit
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Idk first poem on here I guess. Please like if you liked and comment anything.

Present By trevoryan

One day my teacher said stand up With no hand up, I groaned and got my ass up

Walked to the front of the class about to say my anthem Hoping that today won’t be the day that I clam up

So scared the might think I’m epileptic So scared this is getting kinda hectic So scared thinking no ones ever felt his Like damn man I should’ve eaten breakfast

A few words and I start to feel my heart beat Louder and louder until I can’t speak

Legs so shaky, palms so sweaty Hoping soon someone will swoop in and come save me, false.

Heads aren’t here to see me thrive They just want to see me jump in a pool and dive

Further. Deeper. Deeper and further until I can’t see Is this what deaths like? No it can’t be.

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