Jack and Jack Imagines - Gilinsky - Player?
Jack and Jack Imagines - Gilinsky - Player? jackandjack stories

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Jack and Jack Imagines - Gilinsky - Player?

Your PoV

I have been dating Gilinsky for 2 years now. He has done everything for me. I have done everything for him. He has been there for me through thick and thin. But tonight was different.

It was 10 pm and Gilinsky has not come home. I decided to go on twitter and look through your timeline. One of Gilinsky’s tweets got my attention. It was a photo.

A photo of Gilinsky and a blonde chick wearing a crop top and booty shorts. I heard a knock on the door. I went to open it and felt a guy with strong arms wrap around my body and cover my mouth.

I pulled his hand off of my mouth and I pushed him against the door. I started crying and fell onto my knees. “Baby, what’s wrong?” Gilinsky asked and I just looked into his eyes.

“This, Gilinsky! This.” I said holding your phone to show Gilinsky the tweet with him and that blonde chick. I looked into his eyes and all I see is hate and pain.

“Babe, I will never cheat on you. You know that.” Gilinsky said starting to tear up. “Who is that girl?” I ask.

“Why were you with her? If you love me then why were you with her? Do I not mean anything to you?” I asked really fast so he couldn’t answer.

“Hum I don’t know, uh, how to respond to that…” ”I should’ve known you’re nothing but a dick. We’re done.” “Baby, no. I can be better I promise!” “No, you blew it. I can’t trust you anymore.

” I had no idea what I just did but I don’t regret it. Jack deserves it. He doesn’t deserve my love and affection if he just goes to cheat on me.

I kick him out of my house and lock my front door so he has no way of getting in and apologizing. I get a text. It's from Gilinsky.

G: Babe please forgive me

Y: No, I hate you

G: If you forgive me, I'll do something that you have wanted me to do to you since we started dating

Y: What's that?

G: You know, baby, you know.

G: *sends photo*

Y: omfg

G: hahaha now you want it don't you cutie

Y: Yes Jack, yes

I opened the door and saw Gilinsky sitting on the stairs. I walked out to him and pulled him up and dragged him into the house. I shoved onto the couch and we started making out.

He tugged at my shirt. I pulled off of me and unclasped my bra. His eyes widened to the sight. I tugged at his shirt and pulled it off of him.

I started playing with his belt and tugged it off and threw it god knows where. I got off of him and pulled his pants and boxers down. My eyes widened at Gilinsky's present.

*lmao* I took my shorts and underwear off and he bit his lip looking at me. I got on my knees and took Gilinsky in my mouth without even letting him know I was doing it. I heard him groan.

He grabbed my hair and shoved my mouth down on his present making me gag.

"Do you want to keep going?"

"Do you want me to swallow?" I said with a smirk.

He gave me a dirty look and went to the kitchen for something. He came back with rope in his hand.

"GET ON THE COUCH, WHORE." He yelled at me in a dominant way.

I climbed on the couch with my legs spread ready for him. He grabbed my hands and tied them together. I bit my lip wanting him. He grabbed my shirt, ripped it, and shoved a piece in my mouth.

He grabbed my legs and with one hand he started rubbing me (y'all know what I mean 😉😜). It felt so good but so bad at the same time. He stopped and started rubbing his present against me.

My words muffled through the shirt I had in my mouth, but Gilinsky could tell that I loved it.

He slipped his present in and was going slow. He saw the lust in my eyes. He pushed his lips onto mine and he slipped his tongue into my mouth. He began slamming into me at full pace.

I tried to scream through the fabric. He slapped me and grabbed my face.

“Look at my face, bitch. Do not try to say a fucking word or you’ll get punished. Do you understand?” I nodded.

“ I can’t fucking hear you, bitch! Let me repeat it: DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND ME, BITCH?” I said yes but it was muffled due to the fabric in my mouth.

He kept slamming into me and I could see anger in his eyes. I could feel blood coming from down there. G saw it but he kept going.

I started crying and G slapped me harder than he slapped Johnson in a video. I tried to tell G to stop but it came out as muffles. “That’s it. I have had enough. Bitch. You need to be punished.

” He untied me and carried me to a room that G had renovated but he hasn’t wanted me to see it yet. Until now. He unlocked the room, covered my eyes, and walked in.

“Bitch, fucking close your eyes.”

He walks me to this cold metal bed. I feel leather straps around my wrists and ankles.

“Open your eyes, bitch.” I gasped as I try to move around. “Bitch where are you trying to go?”

He grabbed this wand thingy and he placed it on my stomach. He grabbed a ball gag.

“Open your mouth.” I did and he slipped in my mouth. He went around to my head, lifted it up, and tightened it to make sure I couldn’t slip it out of my mouth.

He teased me with his present and he picked up the wand and put his thumb on the button. He slipped his present in and started fucking me. He could see I had terror in my eyes.

He put the wand near my breast and he pressed the button. It shocked me and I almost screamed. He then grabbed a whip. He slipped himself out of me, put his clothes back on, and came to my face.

“Bitch, this is the first punishment you ever had. Since it is, I will go easy on you. But trust me, bitch, it will fucking hurt.” He calmly slapped the whip on my breast.

He took off the ball gag. He walked over to my ***** and got the whip ready. He looked at me and said “I want to hear you count. Got that?” He smacked me with the whip so hard and it stung.

“1!” I screamed in pain. He stopped because he noticed how much pain I was in already. “Baby, I’m so sorry. I was about to hurt you so bad. That would be the worst of me.” I smiled.

He unchained me and said “I will never cheat on you again. And if I do, you have total permission to dump me or beat the crap out of me.”

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