Walking Through Hanoi
Walking Through Hanoi art stories

treatforthemind Art and love and change and (un)learning
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The sidewalks are filled With flashing lights

Walking Through Hanoi

The sidewalks are filled. 
With flashing lights from store fronts. Ten stores in a row sell the same thing. Clothes you won’t wear, and flashing lights you won’t use. People sitting in tiny chairs. I see one smile. The overflow of motorbikes from the street are on the sidewalk.

One chicken who somehow never gets hit. 30 tiny birds in one tiny cage. All squished together, sitting on one branch, inside the cage. The constant honking creates a tightness in my neck. The smell makes me cough. The streets are breathing, they are alive.

And they make me imagine all the stories Of the people sitting in the tiny chairs, and the one smile. They remind me of the tiny birds.

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