Sapa Trek
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My experience of trekking through Sapa in Vietnam

Sapa Trek

Hot humidity with a touch of sunshine in one moment. Fog and cold in the next. Between the mountains is an untouched world. Except for the flattened water bottle on the ground. The label says it is imported from America. Across the world. To Vietnam. It’s hard for me to stop picturing the amount of oil that was used to import the bottle.

My tour guide is only 23. But she has more wrinkles than me. As well as 3 children, a husband and dirtier clothes. We both have iPhones and she checks hers often. Her smile makes me smile. Especially when we don’t understand each other.

The nature is perfect. Giant mountains, rice fields, cute cows and piglets. Alongside the sweet, sweet tweeting birds and chirp of the crickets. The chickens have it nice here They wander free and eat, until they’re... Eaten.

The people Always the people Are most interesting to me. What are they thinking and what do they see?

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