when mom isn't home: a reddie fanfic chapter two
when mom isn't home: a reddie fanfic chapter two it reddie richie toizer eddie kaspbrak stories
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when mom isn't home: a reddie fanfic chapter two

"Your going to fall off you fucking dumbass!" eddie screeched, opening the window. Richie crawled in with a grin. Eddie gasped and used his inhaler again.

Fuck, richie Toizer was just on my fucking roof. fuck. he thought as he inhaled. "Hope your mom isn't here." richie said cockily. "she probably would have thrown me out if she was.

" his face was a little bit more pink than usual. This was because Richie was dying inside.

It had been several years of friendship, of pining for eddie in silence and richie wanted to just fucking get it over with.

He had biked here shortly after the oath, and he intended to confess his feelings to eddie. The feeling of his hand in eddies had been the last straw.

He wasn't going to wait behind the veil of his relentless jokes any longer, He was done with that shit. Maybe not... Richie thought as he started losing his confidence.

Eddie was stuffing his notebook into his closet in a panicked scramble. "So, Richie, why the hell did you practically break into my house?" Eddie asked, his voice rising.

"What could possibly be so important, huh TOIZer? He said and immediately used his inhaler. Richie turned red. " uh uh, well, I just wanted to ask." Richie stammered.

"Jesus you sound like bill, just say i-" Eddie started.

" what's in the notebook? Huh Eddie-bear, are you writing your professions of love to your mom?" Richie interrupted 'smoothly'.

"Shut the fuck up Richie!" Eddie yelled as his cheeks went hot.

"You never even said why you were here asshole!" "you climb through my window did you even consider that I didn't want you here?" Eddie screamed.

Richie staggered back as if he'd been punched in the gut. " you'd probably hate me if I told you" Richie said softly. His eyes were glassy from the tears he was holding in.

"Well I sure fucking hope you didn't come here to make shitty jokes," Eddie said a little more softly. " BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" Richie shouted back.

Tears started to escape the eyes that they had been confined in for so long and rolled down his cheeks. "Oh," Eddie said hoarsely. He used his inhaler yet again as Richie sunk to the floor.

" I always have," Richie whispered softly. "Ever since third grade, I knew." Eddie walked over to Richie and put his arms around him in a warm embrace.

" me too, well not as long as you, probably since "fifth grade," Eddie said. "I saw you being chased by that dick henry bowers." Eddie continued taking a breath.

"And something just woke up inside me, and I felt so, so angry. That was when I realized why. I was chasing you too." Eddie said and he leaned forward.

Richie looked up and he was slightly smiling. "Really?" he asked hopefully. "Yeah." eddie said smiling. That's when he broke into laughter.

Richie started laughing as well and their laughter was like a symphony of love, long and sweet. Suddenly richie jerked his head forward and their lips met.

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