Oh, Sissy!
Oh, Sissy! horror stories

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Me and Sissy are playing Tea Party!

Oh, Sissy!

Sissy Sissy Sissy! Where could Sissy be? Is she hiding with Bunny and Barbie again? Silly Sissy! Hahahaha! She always plays Hide and Go Seek!

Sissy Sissy Sissy... Come out come ooouu... THERE YOU ARE! Why is Sissy hiding behind the couch? Silly Sissy. Now I have to take her to my room.

Sissy is really heavy. Uuugghhh! I have to drag her up the stairs because she took a few of those small white round pebbles that Mommy used to take.

One day Mommy took a whole BUNCH and slept for the WHOLE DAY! I think she's still sleeping. Silly Mommy!

I dragged Sissy up up UP the stairs so that we could play Tea Party. That's Barbie's favourite game! HAHAHA. Silly Barbie.

I have to make Sissy sit on the floor because she's too big for my little chair. HEAVY SISSY. HAHAHAHAHA!

I make Sissy drink some tea, but her mouth is zig zagged shut and there are black stripes around her mouth. Daddy must've played with her. Silly Daddy! HAHAHA!

I hear Daddy coming up the stairs. Thump thump thump! More playmates! Yayyyy!

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