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tragicbirthday i write about love because i'm basic
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guilty of crying over him while making this and listening to sad music :p

all those things

by tragicbirthday


I don't know what to do with you anymore

I don't know, how I'm supposed to talk to you.

Is it my fault? or yours?

me... i'm the one who... might've crossed the line.

i said all those things, all those dirty, longing things

am I... the only one at fault?

you, you too

You let me, all those words, you said it didn't matter.


how could you? to me, to her?

how could you? to me, to her?

even today, you wanted to be watched.

pulling at your shirt, attention to your skin

yet, all this time, you... she was yours again

yes, it hurts. (though i hesitate to admit it)

to have thought, that you were becoming mine (there will always be a part of you, that is mine, and me yours)

we were finally getting where we should've been.

baby, darling, love, when did you slip away?

when did that wound of yours start anew?

love where does that leave us?

when will she hurt you again, and when will you return to me?

or will i have moved on, ignoring our hearts

it's kind of funny (i love you) (i hate you)

shall i wait for you, yet again

wait for you, and maybe lose you?

can i take that risk? can you?

goodbye for now, love

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