Why Choose Rubber Crumb?
Why Choose Rubber Crumb? rubber crumb surfacing stories

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Why Choose Rubber Crumb?

by Trade Resin

Choosing a safe and durable surface for a play area can raise many concerns. The play area will be used by children of all ages.

It needs to be able to cope with a lot of foot traffic – but that’s not all. There are toys, bikes, scooters and skateboards.

Depending on the type of play area (public or private), you may also need to provide a suitable surface for pushchairs, wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

This is why the most popular soft play surfacing product around is rubber crumb.

Let’s find out why rubber crumb surfacing is commonly considered the best option by highlighting it’s benefits below!

4 Reasons to Use Rubber Crumb Surfacing

Rubber Crumb Surfacing and Safety

One of your main concerns is likely to be safety. The last thing you want is a severe injury or to end up with children being harmed.

Rubber crumb is perfect to use as soft play surfacing, due to its safety benefits.

Children can begin using the surface as soon as they begin to move around independently (or even with the support of others).

The surface is designed to help reduce the impact from falls, whilst being smooth and spongy beneath the feet and knees.

Rubber crumb surfacing is also suitable to use when considering falls from height.

Weather Will Not Cause Concern

Children will happily play in all weathers, but some surfaces become slippery or unstable during the changing seasons.

Rubber crumb surfacing is suitable to use throughout the year thanks to how it is made. Rubber granules are blended together with a resin made from polyurethane.

The surface is resistant to cracks caused by weather fluctuations, it’s also smooth and water drains off the porous surface very quickly. So no pooling or frozen patches in the winter!

Create Fun Designs in the Soft Play Surface

Looking to create fun designs into your play area? You can achieve unique designs in soft play surfacing with ease using rubber crumb.

The rubber crumb surfacing comes in a wide variety of colours. You can use these colours to create play zones or to come up with fun patterns to increase the potential of play.

Great Value for Money

Another important aspect of picking the right soft play surface is money.

You certainly don’t want to have to resurface each year, it will cost a fortune! Rubber crumb surfacing offers excellent value for money thanks to its durability and integrity.

Rubber crumb is resistant to cracking, it has a very long life and is resistant to vandalism too. Perfect for the play area!

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