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All my poetry


Cant't hurt people if there's no one around, right? Wrong. The pain becomes too much until that's it, you explode You begin to scratch, stab, rip just to feel anything I don't feel anything but hatred for myself anymore

It's funny because I don't want or need the fake love You say you love me but how can you? You don't know me, the real me that's toxic If only you knew, if only... You all tolerate me, they think I don't know but I do

It's okay because I'm sick of me too.

My sister wrote a poem about the night sky, It spoke about how it represents hope and beauty I say bullshit, It's all bullshit.

You know what I see when I look at the sky? Darkness and more darkness, Not a fucking star or cloud, Just the dark abyss that's my soul. You can't run, hide or replace reality with this fantasy of hope

Hope is a concept the weak use to ignore the truth, The truth is the demons we all fear but I've come to accept The reality of us all being fucked up individuals Because at the end of the day we're all going to die alone I'm just patiently waiting for that time

Fuck hope.

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