Almost Seventeen
Almost Seventeen poetry stories
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toxicspace Poems about emotions and deep stuff here
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Don't judge me pls I know my poetry isn't the best

Almost Seventeen

Almost Seventeen

Things repeat I'm not so keen

To the flashing lights

That tell me I would be better in the future nights

Save yourself from all the fights

It'll all be alright

Lock yourself away so they can't see your insecurities

Falling deeper into obscurity

Smoking till I choke

On more than my emotions as I take another toke

No goals in mind

Wondering what in the future I may find

Settling in my hollow shell

Everyday I delve deeper into hell

Will I ever be released from this cage

Get myself in order and turn the page

On my life and don't look back

If something doesn't change I will crack

I don't know in the end what this will all mean

After all I'm almost seventeen

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