LFLD: The Constable and the Cub (Part 2)
LFLD: The Constable and the Cub (Part 2) bloodborne stories

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Valtr is the main NPC in this chapter watching over Genevieve for Adelram. Nothing particular was going on in the Forbidden Woods and Adelram wanted to hunt something special for his child. Adelram trusts his constable acquaintance with babysitting the child. And Valtr enjoys playing with Genevieve, and their time together is pure. Valtr is such a good uncle.
Part 2

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LFLD: The Constable and the Cub (Part 2)

The night continued as the Constable and child continued to sleep peacefully. Things had remained quiet except for hunters that were passing by.

Luckily many hunters either didn't want to disturb their faction leader or they recognized the Smol Emo Cub and left. A Crow Warrior had entered the building.

"Of the great Divine, I'm so glad I found..." they paused when they saw Valtr sleeping with the Dark Hunter's daughter snuggled against him. "Nevermind...

" They walked out in hesitation with relief of not waking Adelram's daughter. To his dismay, he will get lost in the woods again, unsure how to escape.

Not too long after, a Hunter duo had entered the building "Hey Valtr! I caught more Vermin! I was wonderin-" the tall one stiffened up when seeing Genevieve.

The shorter one walked in "Hey dude, what's wrong?" although the taller hunter immediately pushed his friend out of the building.

"We are leaving!" he spoke looking pale although the shorter hunter pushed his friend away. "Hey! What's wrong with-" the taller hunter covered their mouth.

"Adelram's daughter is in there! I don't want to wake her! Adelram could be anywhere nearby! It's a trap!

" although the shorter hunter pushed his friend's hand away "Well what about Valtr, is he in there?" He asked. "Well yeah, he's asleep to..." the taller hunter spoke.

"Adelram is probably off hunting again. I doubt it's a trap, we can come back later... if you don't want to wake them up... Quit. Yelling." the shorter one said in response.

"Come on before you get us in trouble again..." he continued pulling his tall friend away from the building. The tall one still felt panic although relieved that they were leaving.

Later a Hunter of Hunters had entered the building. The old crow walked in, although surprised to see the League Master asleep.

"Valtr, are you seriously sleeping on the job? Don't you have a faction to run?" although when she approached, she noticed the small blue haired child snuggled up and sleep to. She paused.

"Isn't that Genevieve? Didn't the Dark Hunter take her?" she questioned to herself. Another hunter wearing a Vileblood helmet walked in.

"Do we seriously have to look for the Warrior? Can't we just leave him? I don't see a point into this... And is Valtr sleeping?" The Bloody Crow questioned.

Although when he got a closer look, he saw Genevieve. "And this is where I leave..." He whispered to the older Crow. "You stay with me Bloody Crow. I can't trust you to be on your own.

I can't trust you to hold a weapon without turning it against anyone you see... I'm going to return the Genevieve to Aneba at once." She said as she got closer to Valtr, reaching for the child.

The Bloody Crow pulled her away and gesturing her to keep quiet.

The Hunter of Hunters slapped him in the face "What do you think your doing? Pulling on an old hunter like that! I could easily send you back to the dream if I wanted to!" She scold.

The Bloody Crow paused after getting slapped but when she raised her voice, He grabbed the beak of her mask and loudly whispered "Shut up! She belongs to the Dark Hunter!

" although he accidentally pulled her mask off. To his surprise, his mentor had another mask underneath. He stared at the mask he was holding and at the one that was underneath.

He pulled another mask to see and yet another was underneath. Although from the way her feathers were puffing up, he could tell she was upset at him.

He placed both masks back on her face and slowly pulled his hand away.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn't end you right now...?" The old crow asked. "How would you know about the child? She doesn't belong to the Dark Hunter. She belongs to my friend.

Why are you even concerned?" she asked as her voice began to raise. The Bloody Crow took a deep breath and responded. "Because Eileen, my sister is normally willing to babysit Genevieve.

Adelram appreciates my sister although he doesn't like me. That blue haired child doesn't like me either. Waking her up will put Me in danger. Even being here isn't safe for me.

It's better to leave things be than interfere." He admitted to his mentor. Eileen glared at the Bloody Crow, still upset with his previous actions.

"What about when you visit your sister? Why hasn't the Dark Hunter attacked you yet?" She questioned. "Because Adelram will go on some quest and I don't have to worry about him.

But I still have to worry about his daughter attacking me every night when I am trying to sleep. Or worry about her trying to end me with poison knives." He replied.

Although Eileen had issues believing him. "You are worried about a small child attacking you? For someone who is trying to prove themselves, that's disappointing.

" Although the Bloody Crow frowned and lifted his helmet up revealing scratches and a small bite mark on his nose on his handsome face. Eileen just stared without saying anything.

"I can't do anything about it because if I do anything... Adelram will end me... and if I am not careful, that child will end me...

This happens all the time when I visit my sister and she's there. I have no choice but to tolerate it if I want to live." He told her although Genevieve made a small sound and twitched.

The Bloody Crow noticed and yanked Eileen out of the building. He didn't care if Eileen was going to smack him around, yell and scold him for it.

He didn't care if Eileen threaten to use her blades on him. He did not want to be around when Genevieve awakens.

Genevieve rolled over and continued to sleep. She began nibbling the toy mouse as she slept. More time had passed and the Constable and child peacefully remained.

The Dark Hunter had finally returned. He was a little bit of a mess although it was clear he wasn't harmed during the hunt. Instead it was more than clear that his hunt was successful.

He saw the Constable and his daughter laying against the wall, asleep. He quietly walked over, kneeling down. He nudged the Constable with a nuzzle.

Valtr woke up to see his Abyssal acquaintance in front of him. "Oh... your back..." He said as he yawned, lifting up the child. "Genevieve, wake up..." he carefully woke Genevieve up.

Genevieve whined a little bit, not wanting to wake. Although Adelram lifted up the child from the Constable. Genevieve continued to whine until she felt her father's embrace.

She slowly opened her eye and saw herself in his arms. Her eyes brightened. "Adelram!" she said hugging and nuzzling him. "I have returned, Genevieve...

" He darkly spoke as he gave her a container with some kind of jelly in it. Genevieve held it in curiosity although it didn't take her long to realize it was food.

She attempted to open it although had difficulty. She became sad although Valtr took it and opened it for her.

He noticed something was off about it and asked "Where did you get this?" although Adelram responded "Cainhurst..." and Valtr just stared as Genevieve began snacking on the jelly.

"Fancy" Valtr simply responded, not going to question further. Adelram sensed other hunters had been in the building although he knew they didn't seem to interfere.

"Anything wrong?" Valtr asked. Adelram looked around although replied "There were other Hunters in here..." although Valtr seemed confused. "I didn't see anyone... unless they decided to leave.

" Adelram sat down next to Valtr. "I sense a lack of interference, it's not really a concern to me..." he said. Genevieve continued to snack away while Adelram rested.

Valtr watched as Genevieve finished the jelly and set the container down. She crawled over to her father's lap and laid down. Adelram patted her back although he began closing his eyes.

Valtr just watched and told him "You deserve a long rest..." Adelram just nodded before laying against the Constable's shoulder and dozed off. Valtr just stared and shrugged.

There wasn't much going on and he decided to give in and fall back asleep. Everything remained quiet and peaceful for the trio.

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