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Design - UI/UX/IX, Product, and Digital

What is Design? How do to it? And Why is it important?

So what is it? Why Become One?

Isn't Design just Art? Isn't Design just common sense? Isn't Design easy? Designers are Hustlers Designers are Product Managers Designers are Bridge-Builders = Engineers

Philosophy and Thinking

Now that you know WHAT Design is, you need to understand WHY it's important. A lot of companies value design-thinking. Why does it matter? My mental framework.


1) Sketch 2) Medium 3) Marvelapp 4) "Knowledge is Power" = Fast Company, AWWWards, Smashing Magazine, etc. 5) "Communities are Humbling" = HH Design, Sketch Design, Product Hunt


1) Start with the Why 2) Conduct Research 3) Build connections! 4) Artifacts 5) Documentation

My Work

Just (re)Design it!

Redesign / Improve - pick a mobile, web, or wearable app and redesign it Recall any apps you may have used recently or any sites you go onto and do think twice about. Be very critical!


1) Old Industries - Dot Com Boom: Transportation/Logistics/Operations, Agriculture, Construction, etc. 2) eCommerce / eTail 3) Dashboards 4) Academia / Research - eg) Professor Mann 5) Pencil

Patterns and Anti-Patterns

1) Patterns - Trends, Common Practices, and repeatable solutions. 2) AntiPatterns - opposite of the above 3) Atomic Design - building blocks

Good vs. Great Design

Great Design is many things and all of them are right! For example - why am I using Pencil and not PowerPoint? Great Design is holistic

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