8 Pieces of Advice Top VCs Have for Entrepreneurs
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8 Pieces of Advice Top VCs Have for Entrepreneurs

by David Ongchoco

1. Launch quickly and focus.

"Feedback from actual users is much more useful than feedback from people who just say they would be interested in using your product." - Kat Manalac, Y Combinator

2. Be honest with yourself.

" Focus on unit(s) of economics that truly matter to your startups. Be honest with yourself what you are really good at and what you are not." - Edith Yeung, 500 Startups

3. Put your customers first

"When I go through the financial model, I look at where does every single dollar go in terms of your customer?" - Michael Lints, Golden Gate Ventures

4. Test your idea and your assumptions.

" Your early ideas are assumptions built on assumptions so you have to test these assumptions." - Maureen Rinkunas, DreamIt Ventures

5. Build your community early on

"Hang out in places where your users hangout. Give your audience information that they want, and talk about it publicly" - Vinnie Lauria, Golden Gate Ventures

6. Develop your relationships before asking for money.

"I wish entrepreneurs would come to build a relationship with me before asking me for money." - Tee Suraphongchai, Ardent Capital

7. Find mentors who can keep pushing you forward.

"It's important to have a someone, maybe a mentor to tell you that things will be okay and that you should keep pushing forward" - Tina Cheng, Cherubic Ventures

8. You need to make it happen.

"Customers will not call, email or just walk in front door to do business with you unless you're selling, marketing...." - Wayne Kimmel, SeventySix Capital

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