Alone in the Dark
Alone in the Dark hope stories

tony_carranza1 Community member
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Alone in the Dark

Somedays I felt surrounded by love ,

With a blink of an eye I was alone in the dark,

Other days I felt stress didn’t let it get to me, in a nick of time it all fell apart,

Being stressed , overwhelmed, Tired, of a train of thought, I had this Strange feeling in My Heart,

I never let those days get to me and bring me down , to know someday I’d be alone in the Dark,

I never had a Frown but silence, a beautiful Day at the park riding bikes together brought us closer,

Silence soothed my body not hate not love not sadness , Those days we went out my heart felt closer to yours,

In the wake of relief only you made everything better a big hug with silence the only silence you understood from me,

Days became years I chose you over anyone else over my own family,

The gifts the clothes the places we went to weren’t the reason why I loved you,

I wasn’t taught how to Love I learned little by little with the one person who made me happy no matter what I could always make you smile,

The time we spent together now Gone Alone in the Dark, Wondering what to do every other day it turned into a routine making me forget what I had to do time flew family drifted ,

Now no other no family no favorite place to leave my Problems.

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