Video Games: my history with them
Video Games:

my history with them

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tofu_tofu sleep is my second best friend
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I didn't feel like writing poetry, so here's an abbreviated history of me and video games filled with random facts.

Video Games: my history with them

Video Games: my history with them (because I don't feel like writing a poem today)

On my list of my top 10 favorite things, video games are right up there next to food (and sleep).

The first consoles we had were the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Advance SP. Yay, Pokemon and Pac-Man!

We also have a PlayStation 2. Later, we got DS, then a DS Lite. In my opinion, the DS Lite was probably one of the better made consoles. I have dropped it many times and it's still alive.

On the other hand, I dropped the DS, and the upper screen died. My siblings wouldn't ever let forget what I did. Hehe. But hey, you could still use it to play Game Boy games.

Later, my sister and I received a 3DS. Here, Nintendo let me down. The system itself is not sturdy. The L and R buttons malfunctioned due to dirt getting in, and the paint chipped of easily.

The first game I played was Animal Crossing: Wild World. I, being the little child who thought I knew it all, didn't let my siblings help me start the game.

I ended up with name of something along the lines of, "0887tuggggg". Don't worry, my siblings never let me forget that incident.

As I got older, I enjoyed playing Pokemon (I went money grinding for my brother by beating up the "Elite 4" over and over), Kirby, Ace Attorney and Professor Layton.

I never really played any other games (I was too afraid to ask my mom to buy some more). I just watched my brother play his games.

Luckily, he's a very nice brother and would usually explain the story line and details. He also had a tendency to rant about the mechanics of the game, so I learned more that way.

For years I watched him play Touhou, Melty Blood (it might sound gross, but it's just a non- bloody 2D fighter), Fire Emblem, Persona, Gravity Rush, Bravely Default, Ace Attorney, and much more.

One time when he was playing Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, I looked at the screen and said, "Oh, it's a [spoiler]! I bet it's actually evil." He looked at me. Oh, I was actually correct.

Then, one year, my dad bought a WiiU for my siblings and I as a Christmas present. Haha, I remember that he didn't tell my mom he bought it.

(If you're wondering, the poor PlayStation 2 was never touched after the glorious WiiU was opened. It's still there, though.)

Thus, my story with Smash 5 began. My siblings and I bonded while playing. My brother used to crush us all. Lately, though, I've been able to beat him (since he only plays around once a year).

Sadly, I still suck at Mario Kart. Don't get me started on Rainbow Road (Wii ver.)

Did I also mention that I dropped the WiiU game pad once? Yikes, my sister was really scary as she yelled at me . . .

Well, thank you for reading. I'm not really sure what you got out from reading this, but I enjoyed writing this. :) Brings back good memories.

Now you also know I have a tendency to drop electronics. I've dropped basically every Nintendo console we own along with my phone. *sigh*

Bye! ^ _ ^

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