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Am I the only one who agonizes over cooking sunny side up eggs?

[sunny side up]

I pour on the oil, it sizzles and pops. I open the fridge door, and take out an egg.

I crack it on whole, cooking it slowly With the flame on low. I wait, and I wait.

The edges start crisping, the white is uncooked. The yolk remains runny, so perfect and smooth.

Some time afterwards, the white's still a bit raw, But edges will burn, so I take it off.

I lift the egg slightly, and peak underneath. And at that one moment, all my hopes were crushed—

the bottom had burned.

random [notes]: - I wrote this while eating pancakes. - "Scrambled eggs are so much easier to make." That's what I thought until I read a Food Network recipe. It required too much work.

[scrambled eggs for the lazy]: 1) Get an egg and beat it in a bowl.* 2) Heat up a pan and add oil. 3) Pour the egg in and cook it. 4) Maybe add salt and pepper. *you can skip this step and just murder the egg in the pan.

[cooked egg for the super lazy]: 1) Crack an egg into a microwave-proof bowl. 2) Microwave the egg until cooked. _________________________________ Yes, my brother seriously did this one time . . . I'm pretty sure I was the one who suggested it, though. Hehe . . .

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