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todobakuisyes Community member
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Random poem with feelings, doesn't make sense but hope you enjoy anyway :3

Inside a vase

Promise you'll stay, Even when I began to clay, Promise you'll stay at bay, Not getting infected by my decay.

Don't let my negativity, Come between you and your enemy, Do not wish for conflict on them, Instead let them feel dumb.

Do not fight for a lost cause, The only one left at a cross, Is me, Listening to applause, Because I am like a vase.

I am like a vase, Merely because I cannot see around the gauze, Of pain left alone, Making me full of things to atone.

The flowers of a vase, Sometimes claw at my face, When I crawl in to hide from those, Who chose to foreclose, On me and my clothes.

Do not be alarmed when I come out of hiding, From inside my vase of thorns and flowers, Left to wilt with all those flowers, The flowers they are, Staying with me till I'm a part of the sky, a star.

A star they say, When do you come out to play? When I answer from inside my vase, I am left without a face, Stuck here now without a case.

My feelings hidden down deep, Lost in the snow and ice cold peeks, Waiting for when someone will peak, Hope without hope, They will cease.

'Cause even though they try, They cannot get me to fly as high, As them and the promises, they sigh, But I stay not just because I'm shy, I stay because I have no cause.

Here in my vase, I have not a cause, But those will remain inside with me, Me filled with glee, At those who cannot see, What it means to be inside a vase without a cause.

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