Piercing eyes (Chapter 3) The sleepover
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Piercing eyes (Chapter 3) The sleepover

When you don't know what the fuck is going on

When you don't know what the fuck is going on So guys, I am now on the third episode of 'Piercing eyes'! Hope you enjoy!

Steve is still here btw (@picklesstalker and @rainbowslushie will get it)

As we saw last episode, Todoroki is trying to figure out what type of feelings he has for Bakugo and us Todobaku shippers were like-

As we saw last episode, Todoroki is trying to figure out what type of feelings he has for Bakugo and us Todobaku shippers were like- -literally during the whole thing

Now let's see what will happen now~ At the sleepover, at 6:00pm, close to Bakugo's regular sleep routine

Mina, Tsuyu, Yaomomo, Bakugo, Todoroki, Shinso, Kaminari, Ochako, Deku and Jiro were all seated in the common area of Heights Alliance, the UA dorms. Let's take a look at the atmosphere, shall we?

Todoroki was happy about Bakugo being there but kept that fact hidden and under lock and key whereas Deku looked nervous about 'Kacchan', as Deku commonly referred to him as, being there. Kaminari was chatting with Shinso on his belly, legs up and swinging side to side as he held himself up by his elbows, Pikachu headband resting on his head, giving him more of the Pikachu look.

Shinso smiled from time to time when talking with Kaminari, trying not to smile too much or for too long because, believe me, he could have done it for as long as it took for him to use all of his love on him in that one single neverending smile. But he wouldn't tell you that unless you were Present Mic or Aizawa.

Jiro was wearing a classic choker Kaminari and her had gotten as matching because of their friendship, Kaminari wearing his at the time as well. Kaminari knew about her crush on Yaomomo and she knew about his crush on Shinso; they confided in each other with utmost secrecy promised after every secret telling meeting.

Momo was laughing to what Mina had said and to Jiro, she looked more beautiful when she was happy and laughing than stressed or upset. Seeing her like that sprung up the feelings she had and she couldn't help but smile lovingly at it.

Ochako was excitedly talking with Tsuyu as Tsuyu smiled along to every word she said. They had spent a lot of time together over the past few weeks and had gained feelings for each other, but none had shared of this knowledge to the other.

Mina was happy because she could finally get the pinning people together. She knew about UraTsuyu's feelings about each other and Momojiro's; plus Shinkami as she was the one who then told Kirishima and Sero once she had found out. Bakugo knew about it way before Mina and hadn't bothered to share because he knew, even without telling her, she would find out-

herself eventually. How was he feeling about being there? Well, he was upset because Mina had dragged him there, and his sleeping routine would fall to shambles if he didn't know what time it was after Mina took down the clock and said, "Their time there would be timeless and didn't need such restrictions." Bakugo muttered curses and promises-

promising to murder everyone when they were done. Todoroki, all the while, thinking it's adorable, all his muttered dies and curses, promises to murder them. "Please do," he said quietly. Bakugo heard and looked up at him. "You say something, damn icyhot?!" "Yes, you adorable pomeranian." He said quietly. He cleared his throat. "I said, what do you want to do?"

"And why in the hell would I tell you?" "I'm already in hell, I have a special VIP permit to get in." Bakugo went quiet and did something Todoroki thought he'd never hear in his life: Bakugo's unguarded true laughter, all natural,,,. Todoroki was thinking if Poseidon had used up all of the water he controlled by pouring it all on Todoroki, his feelings-

and the blush he had would never be able to be purged. Everyone was stuck in their own conversations with each other so they didn't notice or hear the sound of a symphony choir being brought down from the heavens and further up there, Bakugo's laughter just for him. And he had made him laugh.

It took all of his willpower not to do something irrational. "If you have VIP into hell, does that mean you don't like this hell enough to stay?" Bakugo said with his trademark half smirk. Todoroki chuckled. "Well, this hell is a bit more noisy." Bakugo scoffed. "'A bit', he says, saying the most untruthful thing ever."

Todoroki didn't want to jinx it by thinking it but- he and Bakugo were having a normal conversation and it was so, nice. No, more than nice. It was fantastic! No fighting, no going-at-each-other's-throats. Now this, he could get used to. He could get used to this a whole lot.

They talked some more, Todoroki wishing he could do this everyday, before Mina called them over to her attention. "So," She grinned. "Today we are playing Truth or Dare!" Ochako clapped with excitement. "Ooh~ That sounds fun! Right, Tsuyu?" She turned to the cute frog girl beside her. Tsuyu nodded, putting a finger to her chin. "Who's first, Mina?"

Mina exchanged a look with Kaminari. "Well, I'll go first if that's alright with you guys?" "Yeah, it's fine." Deku commented. Bakugo wasn't so cool with it. "Hahh!? Why would I want to play truth or dare with you nerds?" Mina looked over at Bakugo. "You are or else I'll tell everyone what I found out last week~"

Bakugo's eyes widened, a hint of a blush more so from anger blooming on his face. "You. Wouldn't. Dare." Last week, Mina had somehow found out about Bakugo liking romance movies and Shojo manga; there was the fact there was a huge collection of them in his room. Bakugo hmphed. "Whatever, play the stupid game and shit. I don't give a fuck."

Mina squealed, jumping up and down. "Yes!" "Watch it, Raccoon Eyes. I'll kill you." Mina teeheed. "Aw but I'm one of your idiots~ You wouldn't kill one of your idiots, would you?~" "I'm coming real close to the conclusion that yes, I would-" Todoroki sighed. "Okay Bakugo, it's enough. Mina, proceed."

Mina cleared her throat. "Ahem, as I was saying- I'll go first and the person I choose is... Deku!" She points at Deku to illustrate her point. "Truth or dare?" "Um, dare's fine." Mina smiled wickedly. "Okay,, I dare you to call Bakugo Katsuki-kun and Katsuki for the rest of this game! No Kacchan or anything like that; only Katsuki-kun and Katsuki."

Deku objected at first but then slowly sighed. "Fine, I'll do it." Mina prompted him to do it. "Do the dare, do the dare, do the dare-" He turned to Bakugo. "Hey Katsuki-kun." Mina burst out laughing. "Oh my god, Midoriya, you're so stiff saying it- Have you never called Bakugo Katsuki in your life?"

Todoroki held Bakugo back from pummeling Mina to the ground. "Okay, who's next? Deku, who's next?" Deku had a sigh of relief. "Well,Todoroki-kun. Um, Shinso," Shinso looked over. "Yes?" "Truth or dare?" Shinso shrugged. "Dare, I don't really care." "Okay, um, I dare you to make someone here confess something."

"Wow, Midoriya-chan, I didn't think you would be the type to dare something like that, kero." Tsuyu remarked. Deku scratched his head. "Uh well,, since Mina started it with a dare like that, I figured I'd better up my game with the dares or truths." Shinso hmmed. "Isn't that invasive of the people here?" He had his head laying on Denki's lap and Denki unconsciously was fine with it-

and played with his hair. Deku hesitated. "Well, you're not wrong.." Mina hmmed as well. "You're right, Shinso. It is invasive.. But I'm sure whatever someone here has to admit isn't something truly bad, no?" Shinso turned to Bakugo who had been fighting with Todoroki about him holding him back. "Hey Bakugo!"

"What, damn purple whirlwind haired, invasive egotist?!" "How are you feeling besides angry, Bakugo?" "Irritated that you damn extras dragged me here and expect me to stay here without blowing you all the fuck up!" (a/n: *wipes fake tear* Poetry) (Also a thanks to @rainbowslushie for helping me out-)

Shinso got more comfortable as Denki fixed his purple cat hoodie so the hood was on. "Moving on: Ochako, truth or dare?" Ochako thought for a bit. "Dare!" Shinso closed his eyes and smiled a little bit. "Make someone float out of the window and back in again."

"Oh I don't know,, I can try!" She stood up. "Denki, could you help me with something please?" Denki looked over, having been in his thoughts. "Hm? Oh yeah sure." Denki stood up as Shinso sat up from his spot on Denki's lap and Denki walked over to Ochako. "What'd you need?" "For a dare, I need to make someone float out of a window and back in.."

"Wait hold up- You're not saying-" "Sorry, Denki." She activated her quirk and touched his shoulder. He started to float and Ochako made him float out of the window, concentrating very hard so he wouldn't fall to his potential death. (a/n: DENKI, MY SON, I HOPE YOU'RE OKAY :'()

Meanwhile, with Denki. Denki looked out at the heights there were to see. "Oh it's not so bad actuall-" That was until he looked down. He immediately looked back up. "Bad idea, bad idea, that was a bad idea- Urara-san, please don't drop me. I'm too beautiful to die-" (a/n: True)

Ochako then made Denki float back inside as everyone had been watching and Shinso had been standing by the window, waiting for Denki to float back in. Otherwise, he would have made Ochako answer something she did not want to answer. When Denki was safe and sound, back in the room and not outside where he could plummet to his death with-

one single mistake, Shinso had hissed at Ochako, taken Denki back to their spot and was now back in their before comfortable position, Denki wondering when they had gotten there. You could hear mosquitos, it was so quiet. It was broken by Mina. "Did, did you just-" Deku continued for her. "-hiss???"

(a/n: Shinso learned from the best) Ochako went back to her spot by Tsuyu and sighed with relief as Tsuyu told her she did a good job, kero. "Thanks, Tsu-chan. It's my turn, right? Okay, um, Todoroki, truth or dare?" Todoroki had also been suspiciously lost in thought but answered formally in a monotone voice as always. "Yes, Ochako-san?"

Ochako stuck her tongue a tad out of her mouth as she thought. "Truth or dare?" "Dare." "Call Bakugo Katsuki." Todoroki had a moment to think, 'Oh not you too-' before Bakugo made some comments. First name basis... they weren't on first name basis, nor were they friends! And- Todoroki's mind wandered for ages before he finally said sure.

Todoroki looked at Bakugo and with a less, way less, monotone voice like he usually has, said, "Katsuki, calm down." Everybody waited for the explosion but Bakugo merely said whatever and continued to mutter about murdering them all after this was finished. Todoroki looked to Shinso even though he had already gone and said, "Shinso, truth or dare?"

Shinso said truth this time. "Are you.. Aizawa's secret love child?" Deku had to grab a pillow to try and not laugh as he covered his face with it. "Why are you questioning me about my dad like that?" Everyone went silent, Deku lowering his pillow to stare in shock. (a/n: I stan Shinso being Dadzawa's secret love child.)

Todoroki had a moment to himself where he pondered over how he was right. Denki already knew so he wasn't acting shocked like Mina and them. Momo and Jiro were having a conspiracy theory session over by the table; Ochako and Tsuyu were having a deep conversation about Shinso being Dadzawa's/Aizawa's secret love child.

Until Shinso spoke up: "Denki, truth or dare?" Denki shrugged. "Dare." Shinso had a slight smirk now. "Be Pikachu for the rest of the game." "Wai-" Shinso raised an eyebrow. "Pika, pika~" Shinso sat up and took Denki's headband and put it on his head, then laid back down.

Denki had a slight blush now as he said. "Pika, pika~" He did a Pikachu pose. Mina awwed. "Awww, Pikachu!~" Shinso gave her a look that could kill. "Mine." Mina silently fangirled which is pretty hard to do. Denki told Shinso to say it for him.

Shinso looked over at Mina. "Reveal your ships, he said." Mina took a deep breath. "Okay, I ship Shinkami/Kinsho, Todobaku/Bakutodo, UraTsuyu/Tsuchako, momjiro/jiromomo, and-" She rambled off for like 7 minutes before Bakugo interrupted. "Okay, that's enough, damn Raccoon Eyes!!!" Mina whispered 'sorry, sheepish.

Mina then looked at Tsuyu. "Tsu, truth or dare?" "Dare, kero." (Can be a truth) "Try and catch a fly with your tongue." Tsu looked around the room, spotting a fly a couple feet away, hovering over Deku. "Sorry about this, Midoriya-chan." She whipped out her tongue and it flung over to the fly above Deku, being reeled in by Tsu. "Got it, kero." She said as she ate the fly anyway.

Tsuyu then looked at Jiro. "Jiro, truth or dare, kero?" Jiro immediately answered. "Dare." "Lean over, kero." Tsuyu then whispered what to do as Jiro looked more excited about the idea. Jiro called over to Bakugo. "Hey Bakugo!" "What?!" "You can go to your room now!"

That was overly suspicious, the game wasn't finished.. Bakugo narrowed his eyes. "And how do I know you're not planning something?" Jiro crossed her heart. "Cross my heart and hope to die." Bakugo rolled his eyes. "Whatever, I'm going to bed anyway." Bakugo stood up and walked to his room. Now, to wait-

During that time of waiting, they decided to continue the game and save Jiro's dare for last. Jiro asked Momo truth or dare. "Dare." "Do something rebellious >:3" Momo seemed excited about the idea, maybe a little bit. "Like what?" "Do something." Momo reached over and kissed her.

When they parted to breath, both were beet red. "That's not what I meant.. but holy shit-" Mina was fangirling into a pillow, Ochako and Tsuyu were high-fiving each other, Shinso was smiling with knowing and Momo and Jiro were trying not to die. Denki was having his own type of fanboying. "Pika, pika~~ Pika, pika, pikachu-"

Momo cleared her throat, which took a couple times to cool down, Jiro and her looking away from the other, trying to hide their faces in the process. "U-um, Todoroki, truth or d-dare?" "Dare." "Someone, get the marshmallows. We're having some smores courtesy of Todoroki's quirk."

Timeskip- Mina brought back the marshmallows and Todoroki said it was fine. He activated his quirk, lightly dousing the other's marshmallows in heat, turning them to a light golden brown crisp. Everyone dove into their smores and let out sounds of joy from how good they were. (a/n: Now I want a smore :'()

It was time for Jiro's dare: Blast music outside of Bakugo's dorm till he came out.

Timeskip brought to you by the sound of Jiro and the others trying not to die from Bakugo's anger

Bakugo eventually let them go, a couple of them not so lucky and sat down, crossing his arms. "Since you woke me up, what are we doing now?" Shinso and Denki went on the couch this time and Denki laid on Shinso's lap. Mina and the rest stayed where they were, a little bit further away from Bakugo. Well, except Todoroki. He didn't care.

Mina answered. "Spin the bottle!" "Pika!" Shinso translated. "He said it sounds great." "How the hell do you get "it sounds great" from just a fucking Pika?" Shinso shrugged. "Anyway, who's spinning first?" Mina whistled a tad. "Momo will!"

"Me? How do we play?" "Well, you spin the bottle and whoever it lands on, you have to kiss." Momo and Jiro had a flashback to their kiss. "Uh well,, okay." Mina placed the bottle in the middle and Momo spun it. Jiro had moved more away, trying yet again not to die. And it spun and spun.. until...

It landed on...

Jiro! Jiro looked at the bottle as it stopped at her and Momo and her exchanged looks. Mina was having her own fun, thinking up ideas for her and Deku. (@rainbowslushie will get it-)

Jiro mustered up her feelings, and without further ado, went closer to Momo until they were face to face. "Ji-" But Momo didn't get very far. She did kiss back though and Mina officially was over the moon. Two Momojiro kisses, in one night!!!!!! Ah, her dreams were coming true in her little fangirl heart.

Momo passed the bottle to her left where Denki was after the two stopped and Mina stopped fangirling. Well, almost. Denki continued the game as he spun the bottle, spinning spinning andddd, stop. This had to be either his worst day ever, because of his heart and feelings he felt or his best day ever because it landed on Shinso!

Denki sat up again and went to say something, most likely 'Pika, pika, pika!' but Shinso had caressed his cheek and pulled him closer, kissing him. Mina fell over backwards, Ochako and Tsuyu did a happy dance and Deku was talking with Mina who was on the floor. Denki? Well, he had officially died inside.

Wait a minute- What was Shinso doing- This made Mina fangirl more because Shinso was deepening the kiss, making Denki as red as Kirishima's hair as he kissed back. Finally, they parted, Shinso feeling pretty proud of himself and Denki feeling like he was on Cloud 9.

"Get a room." But even Bakugo was slightly happy for Pikachu. Shinso glanced at Denki. "Oh that won't be a problem." Mina was now dead. R.I.P Mina Ashido. Shinso gave the bottle off to his left which was Ochako as Denki was a little busy. After awhile, they continued the game and Ochako spun the bottle.

It spun until it landed on Deku. Deku and her started to laugh which confused everyone. Ochako went over to Deku and kissed his cheek as they both continued laughing, her returning to her spot by Tsuyu, finally stopping as they both wiped tears from their eyes. Mina looked between the two, eyebrow raised. "What's going on?"

They both answered at the same time: "Inside joke." They eventually continued the game as Ochako gave it to Tsuyu to try. "You can spin and then it'll be.." "Todoroki's turn, kero." "Right, Tsu-chan." Ochako smiled at her and Tsuyu was dazed by the brightness for a while.

Tsuyu spun the bottle absentmindedly. It spun and spun until it landed on Ochako. "Oh-" Tsuyu lightly touched a strand of Ochako's hair, threading it between her fingers. "Can I?" Ochako was rising in color but she nodded. And they kissed, soft and sweet.

Mina was having the time of her life. Eventually after some giggling and more kisses and soft pecks, Tsuyu gave the bottle to Todoroki. Todoroki took the bottle and spun it. The next thing that happened made him want to forget his existence. Because it landed on his fucking crush-

That's right- it landed on Bakugo! As they already made out before, this shouldn't have made Todoroki feel like something else was burning far worse than his quirk; the blush he felt creeping up on him. But it did, and he didn't know how he felt about it. Bakugo got impatient. "Well?! What's wrong, too scared to do it???"

This snapped him out of his reverence. He pulled Bakugo to him, having him utter a "what the fuck-" before he kissed him deeply, soon using tongue. Mina was now officially dead. Deku and her were going to have fun later. (Yall know what Im talking about, @rainbowslushie) This led to a whole nother make out session. (which made us Todobaku shippers out there-)

This went on for 3 minutes, how could they breathe????????? They did stop, eventually and whereas by that time everyone had died from fangirling/fanboying. All Todoroki could think about was how nice it was, how intense it had been. And how it felt like Bakugo's eyes were burning into his soul the whole time.



I hope you enjoyed :D See ya in the next update~!

ALSO A HUGE Thanks to @star_whisperer for the dares and truths!!!! (The dare I didn't do where Todoroki uses his quirk to cook up marshmallows and feed it to Bakugo without using his hands will be used, possibly, in a oneshot or new series :3)

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