Info about a few things
Info about a few things info stories

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Info about a lot of things, please read if you want to be informed

Info about a few things


1. Followers -I did not expect to get higher than 10, and even then, I was skeptical. But you guys have proven me wrong; I got all of you now and I am so grateful for it. Like thank you so much for being here- ;-;

2. Stories

2. Stories I haven't been uploading any stories lately and I apologize immensely for that. I have been trying to catch up to Avatar, and I am waiting for updates for the poem fight. Another reason is me and my bestie are back to writing our story with a new outlook on ideas and inspiration. If I make something with things like Voltron/Klance

/Langst in it, it's won't be just because we're writing a Voltron, Klance story that may have angst in it, Langst is a better word but angst all the same. I will still upload as much as I can before school starts up again. August is approaching and I don't know when school will start. I promise to alert you of any updates concerning these things I have mentioned here.

3. Poems

3. Poems Of course I will still write poems when I have inspiration or I am given a prompt. I have seen it's a good way to release the emotions I have a hard time coming to terms with and accepting all in separate poems with different names.

4. Inspirational quotes

4. Inspirational quotes I had a fun time making the five inspirational quotes about leaves, so if any of you have an idea on what inspirational/non inspirational quotes I should/you want me to make, be sure to leave it in the comments and I'll get back to you on that.

5. Cat project

5. Cat project If any of you are wondering, I have put the cat project on hold for a little while. I hope you understand. I will start work on it eventually sometime next month or the month after.

6. Oneshots

6. Oneshots This concerns Mineta x Death oneshot and other future oneshots- I will still continue to make these when I have inspiration as I write better when inspired. If you have any oneshot ideas, let me know and I can write it for you if I get inspiration from the idea you present. I know I said a Mineta x Death would be uploaded this-

week. It may be uploaded some other week. I apologize if I had your hopes up.

7. Staying up late/Time

7. Staying up late/Time I stay up late every night, I admit that, which is probably another reason I don't have as much inspiration for things as I used to. I promise I will still make updates. The time thing, is because of how late or early I'll wake up. I'll either wake up early and stay awake or head right back to bed. I woke up late today and-

Just like yesterday, I had to wait a while to wake up. And no, my mom does not allow me to drink coffee. (Sad times.)

8. Don't show weakness

8. Don't show weakness Some of you are probably wondering why I haven't uploaded the next episode. Surprisingly I don't know either. But I will update something this month about it and/or the next episode.

9. Updates like Error, Error?, and many others

9. Updates like Error, Error?, and many others I will still continue to make these, don't worry.

If you have any I failed to mention, let me know and I will fix it. Thank you for viewing and have a good day/evening/afternoon/ morning/hell.

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