Don't show weakness. (Teaser)
Don't show weakness. (Teaser) bakutodo stories

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Kaminari is Pikachu, change my mind.(Random statement) ***Details concerning new story***

Don't show weakness. (Teaser)

a/n: Hello, I have decided to, when I can, make short stories concerning these ships: Drarry/Harco, Todobaku/Bakutodo, Tododeku/Dekutodo, Kiribaku/Bakukiri, Kamishinso/Shinkami, DabixShiggy/ShiggyxDabi, DabixHawks/HawksxDabi, Bakukami/Kamibaku((For Bakukami)*Acuteship-notafulltimeship*), Sasunaru/Narusasu, Stevonnie,

OchaccoxToga/TogaxOchacco, Micawa/Erasermic, Pansmione/Hansy, Blairon/Roaise, Klance/Leith, Shadam, NatsuxGray/GrayxNatsu, Demus/Dukeciet/DeceitxRemus(Will-not-spoil-Deceit's-name-if-not-watched-latest-video), Prinxiety/RomanxVirgil, Logicality/PattonxLogan, ErenxLevi/LevixEren(Ereri) JeanxMarco/MarcoxJean(Not-alot-in-the-beginning), Sebaciel, ect.

(Continuation from last slide) *I will add more in a new update, or edit this* The ones that will appear most are likely to be Drarry/Harco, Kiribaku/Bakukiri, Todobaku/Bakutodo, Micawa/Erasermic, Pansmione/Hansy, Blairon/Roaise, Bakudeku/Dekubaku and Shinkami/Kamishinso, Prinxety, Logicality, Demus/Dukeceit.

This profile will feature things from: Naruto, My hero Academia (BNHA), Blue Exorcist, Fairy Tail, FNAF(Five Nights At Freddy's), Afton Family, Lgbt+, Voltron, Haikyuu, Noragami, Harry Potter, Yandere (Stories featuring this topic), Sanders Sides, Steven Universe, Miraculous Ladybug, AOT (Attack on Titan), Gacha Life, Black Butler, memes, vines, Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase, Creepypasta, ect

Requests: You are allowed to make requests :) If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask. That is all.

At the top is the title of a story I am working on, it will be either Kiribaku/Bakukiri or Todobaku/Bakutodo.

Tell me what kind of stories you would like me to make concerning these ships, and what AUS you would like to see me do :3 Stay safe!!

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