Itty Bitty Rant/ Story
Itty Bitty Rant/ Story vld stories

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Totally not calling out what I think is going to happen, as I haven't watched all of season 8 yet.

Itty Bitty Rant/ Story

In a small, desolate town of Phoenix, there was a boy. A tan boy with brown hair. And lots of freckles. He was very pretty amongst girls and boys.

However, there was one boy who found no interest in him. The tan boy thought that was odd.

In better efforts to swoon the pale, isolated boy, he talked more. He laughed more. He smiled more. Then a pretty girl moved to the same town. The tan boy was happy.

The girl smiled and laughed and won the hearts of many.

As the days dragged on, the tan boy found lots of joy in hanging out with the new girl. The pale boy grew sad. Sad and angry. But he smiled. He was happy for his friend.

The tan boy grew more distant. And so did the pale boy. The pale boy left for awhile. The tan boy carried on with life, falling more and more in love with the new girl.

The pale boy came back, though. And the tan boy was happy. They were finally reunited. But the pale boy wanted nothing to do with the tan boy. And he was sad.

The pretty girl found another pretty boy- in which, they shared a lot in common with. The tan boy was sad.

However, the pale boy did not feel sorry for him. The tan boy went to the pale boy for advice. He asked for forgiveness. And he was forgiven. The two were one again, and they were happy.

Lots of time passed and the two were very happy. The pale boy had never met someone as unique as this other boy. He wanted to be with him. Forever. But not quite right now.

"Just for now," he thought. "I'd like him to be mine. To stay with me."

But the pretty girl came back. And the tan boy was happy. The other pretty boy had broke her heart, and the tan boy had come to mend it. The pale boy grew sad again.

The pretty girl asked to stay with him. Because they both had pure, inner beauty that only they could see.

"We belong together." she said.

"We belong together?" he asked.

And she nodded. And she won the heart of the tan boy.

The pale boy bested his efforts to be happy for his friend. To not be weird. Or sad. Or angry. But he was. And he left again. Because he too, could see the tan boy's inner beauty.

Because they were in love. They were one. And now, they are nothing.


The pale boy returned a few years later. The tan boy had married to the pretty girl. And she finally had a family of her own. The pale boy was happy for the tan boy.

"Happy," he thought. "A feeling, almost foreign." he hummed. "But somehow, I remember that feeling. From a long time ago."

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