Chapter 3
Chapter 3 #haunted #suspence stories

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Sarah found a mysterious book that somewhat connects to her current situation, and Tyson found an old family picture.....could it mean something??

Chapter 3

Everyone met at the discussed time, which was at the time of sunset. Everyone was easily able to carry out their given tasks, though Sarah had troubles with the fishes.

As the light started to fade and the night started approaching, the five of them headed off to the house that Max and Tyson found earlier that day.

Everyone found it cosy, though Mike was a bit cautious about it as something felt off, but soon quivered that feeling off.

Soon, it was night and since there was no light, Max produced fire on the pile of log that Mike bought outside the house.

Sarah and Tyson quick began to roast the fishes and apples that they had earlier collected.

As they were cooking, Mike got lost in his own world, trying to make sense the things that had happened, especially that voice.

His thoughts got interrupted when Max shouted "FOOD!!" Everyone giggled and didn't shy away from helping themselves with it. Soon everyone was full, but weren't tired enough to go to sleep.

Tyson suggested checking out the books that were kept on the shelves which they noticed earlier. No one actually liked the idea but Sarah offered to tag along.

While Tyson and Sarah were checking out the books, others decided to tell some jokes or some horror stories near the bonfire.

Tyson began by asking, " do remember the voice that spoke during the plane crash..?"Trixie and Max nodded uneasily.

"I still didn't find a proper explanation for whom in the world did it and why....." Mike sighed. "Maybe it was some kind of joke, or maybe it was our imagination.

I don't know about you guys, but I think whatever or whoever that was, it sure didn't speak or do anything to us after that...." Max said. An uneasy silence fell over the group for some time.

Everyone was in their own thoughts. Max wanted to break the uncomfortable silence and started to ask some riddles in order to lighten their moods a bit.

"Okay guys, forget about everything and listen. Here's a riddle for you; the faster you run, the harder it is for you to catch me, what am I?" "Its breath, duh" answered Mike.

Trixie giggled and Max just rolled his eyes. Trixie went next "A monkey, a squirrel and a bird are racing to the top of a coconut tree.

Who will get the banana first, the monkey, the squirrel or the bird?" "Nobody, since there isn't any bananas on a coconut tree" answered Mike confidently answered. Trixie nodded.

"Oof you guys aren't giving me the chance to answer any question" said Max groaning a bit. Trixie grinned and Mike just smirked. They further started sharing their stories and experiences.

Back in the house, Tyson and Sarah were busy going through the books on the shelf with the help of the torch (made up of wood and fire).

The books were covered in dust, considering it was kept there for a long time. The books that they mostly came upon were old folk stories.

Tyson picked any random book, dusted it and started reading it. As he was going through the book, a photo fell out of the book.

He quickly grabbed it and was surprised to see that it was a family picture. Two boys, their mom along with their dad and a huge dog were happily smiling in that picture.

He tapped on Sarah's shoulder and showed Sarah the picture. Sarah didn't think much of it as it was just a picture.

Tyson shrugged but kept the picture in his pocket and went back to reading the book. Sarah wasn't really interested in books.

However, one book that caught Sarah's eyes was a book named "Darkness of that soul". By reading the title of the book, Sarah assumed it was a horror plus a fictitious book.

She got interested and started reading it.

It was a dark and silent night. One could even hear the sound of raindrops, if they occurred.

In this deserted island of misfortunes and horrific turn of events, Amelia and her friends had no idea what was about to happen with them.

'Wow that was an abrupt start. Usually authors don't start it this way' Sarah thought. She continued reading it anyway.

After having their dinner and some casual talks, everyone went to bed. In the middle of the night, one of Amelia's friends screamed so loudly, that it caused everyone to wake up.

Everyone rushed to her side. On asking what happened, she simply pointed upwards. It was clear what the message was trying to convey, as the message was written in big bold letters.


Nobody needed any explanation. They quickly deserted the house and were in a state of panic.

Amelia quickly took out her phone to contact the police but remembered that there was no signal in her phone. The monster was lurking right behind them, Amelia noticed something was wrong.

At the exact same moment...

The rest of the pages went blank. Nothing, not even a single word was written after it. 'Awe it was getting really interesting, why did the author stop writing it? Oh well, tough luck I guess.

' Sarah thought. She started scanning through the book, just to see if something else was written in the book. To her surprise, a letter fell out of the book, which was sealed in an envelope.

'A letter? Why is a letter kept in a book and for whom?' Out of curiosity, she decided to check it out.

She gently tore the envelope and was about to read it, when Tyson called her, and she getting distracted replied ".

I am busy Trixie, I'll come later" "Now Sarah, either way its too late, do whatever you have to do tomorrow". Sarah had no choice but to keep the letter back in the book.

She decided to keep the book with her, as the letter would be the first thing she would read in the morning. The rest of the members came into the house.

Since the house had two bedrooms, the group decided that one bedroom would be taken by Trixie and Sarah, and the other one would be taken by Mike, Max and Tyson.

They bid goodbyes and headed off to their rooms.


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