The Masked Stranger
The Masked Stranger romance stories
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You're a hero that accidentally got washed up on an unknown beach. There, you meet a masked stranger that help fixes you up and you have a chat with him. Perhaps you'll meet him again?

The Masked Stranger

You feel the sun on your bruised back beating you down, your mind felt loose. You could feel sand all around your body. Grunting, you sat up.

The light bothered your eyes, but they soon adjusted. You mutter under your breath as you looked around, seeing that you were somewhere else.

You seemed to wash up on a beach and right in front of you was a house that resembles a cabin.

There seemed to be someone standing, a male and he was wearing a white mask that concealed his face. He merely seemed to stare at you.

You felt tense but felt a need to walk towards this person. It seemed as if your legs were moving on their own because you found yourself a closer view of the house.

The boy seemed around your age, well, assuming from his body. You couldn't technically identify his face.

The masked stranger seemed unfazed by your actions as they opened their front door, signaling for you to come in.

You felt yourself sweat as you were now sitting on top of his bed. It was incredibly gentle yet firm.

There was a fireplace next to the decent bed, the glowing fire flickering and letting out a warm astrosphere.

Carefully examining the room more, you saw there were three white masks that were identical to the male that was wearing one right now. Although one of them was badly cracked and beat up.

"Your arm." The male spoke, they have sounded faint. "Can't you see, I'm trying to bandage you up? He huffed. You could've sworn that you overheard him call you an idiot. Rude!

He sat on a stool in front of you. "Hmm? Who am I? ..." They seem to disregard your question as they move you to stretch out your arm for them.

"I'll tell you who I am if you tell me you who are first." They retorted. You could note more features since they're up close.

The mask seems to be smooth and their tanned skin and dark, black messy hair seemed to fit with their blue sweater.

"... You're a hero? You don't look like one."

"I didn't call you weak. You simply don't look like-"

"This will sting." A burning sensation came from your arm from the damped cloth. Changing the subject. After they successfully had cleaned your arm, they grabbed the bandages.

"Oh, yeah, my name," There was a hesitation before they finished what they were going to say. They seemed to be shy about their name. "...Noir." They whisper.

You stay silent for a minute, then compliment their name. He froze when you spoke, seemingly getting flustered. "Quiet."

You chuckle at this. They didn't seem to enjoy your amusement towards him.

"How did you get here? ... You were fighting with one of your teammates? Hm." Noir shrugged. After bandaging your arm, he gave you a roll.

"You can manage your back, right? I don't want to be a pervert or something..." He muttered, he sounded embarrassed saying that. You continued to talk to him.

"How long I've been here? ... Around 2 years. Use to travel."

"... Places I would travel to? Mystical places." It felt as if Noir was smiling, of course, you couldn't tell because of the mask he was wearing. It sure did felt like it.

This gave you some sort of pride? Joy? Who knows?

"Why I wear a mask?"



"I'll answer as soon as you answer why you're extremely ugly." Noir held his mask with his hand, holding it where his mouth would be.

He was laughing at his own joke about you! He quickly waltzed over to a wooden counter, seemingly trying to distract himself from laughing at you.

"Are you hungry?" He let out a snort, "Or are you just ugly." Noir finally let himself get loose as he allows himself to laugh, and you could feel yourself grin at his laugh.

It seemed as if he was trying not to let himself feel such huge emotions. Why?

"Okay, okay. Are you hungry, though? Alright." He grabbed a bowl of fruit and walked towards you, placing it down beside you on the bed.

You stared at him before patting the empty space beside you, so you both can sit down together. The masked person gripped his wrist nervously.

Noir seemed awkward with the thought for some reason.

He sat down, staring at the floor. Silence in the air.

"When do you think you'll leave?"

"What? It's not like I don't dislike your presence. You just probably want to go back to your friends.

" The way Noir stated it was like he was kind of disappointed that you want to go back to your friends.

"Describe the last place you were at to me. In detail."

You don't know why he wants you to describe the last place to him you were at, but you proceeded to. After describing the previous place you were, you asked him if you were able to visit him.

You weren't sure if you were actually going to visit him, but you wanted to ask anyway.

You weren't sure if you were actually going to visit him, but you wanted to ask anyway.

"Come on, eat up before I send you off."


"... Stop asking me questions and worry about yourself." Noir sighed.

"I know that you probably have much other stuff to do, Reader. You just somehow stumbled upon me."

Did you stumble upon this person without the intent of staying? Perhaps meeting this person is just to entertain you or to pass time. You ask if you'll be able to see him again in curiosity.

"No, you probably won't. I don't believe the operator will let me- oh, the operator?" Noir let out a small chuckle as they reached out to caress your face. It was a sudden and odd action.

"I'm sure you already know, silly. Thanks for pretending you aren't working with them, though."

"... You're... Not?" He looks at you, his head tilted in confusion. He just shook his head, dismissing what you said.

"Stop lying, you're not the first person to come here, Reader." He growled, his hands turning into fists. Then they slowly uncurled their hands.

... "I really wish you'll be able to visit me, but the operator is just- " Noir he seemed anxious. "They make decisions without asking me first and I don't know what to expect.

For example, are you even real, Reader? Are you? I bet this is just some sort of test."

He stood up from the bed and walked over to the wooden counter, opening up a cabinet. The masked male pulled out a small box.

He stared at it and then to you, seemingly trying to decide if he should really give it to you.

"I'm being stupid, aren't I?" Noir chuckled, talking to himself.

Quickly walking over towards you, they hand you the box. Standing awkwardly.

"It's been pleasant, really." He laughed bitterly. "Maybe we'll meet again," Noir muttered as he gradually took off his mask. Your vision began to blur.

You tried to focus on the features of his face but to no success. You could only oddly focus on his fierce eyes. They were a deep crimson color.

They seemed to be observing you down like a predator stalking its prey.

"Shhh," Noir whispered as he came closer, gently clasping your head. You could feel yourself get drowsy. What was happening to you? You wanted to stay awake, try to speak to him.

Although at the same time, you were so tired. "Farewell, dear." That was the last thing you heard from Noir before passing out.


You opened your eyes slowly. It felt like you've been sleeping for countless hours. Quickly sitting up and looking around, you instantly notice you were at the place you were last at.

The last place you also described to Noir.

Where was he? What did he do? Is curiosity building up because you've never encountered a person like him before or you yearn to ask more questions for him to answer?

You look down at the bandages that were wrapped around your arm, the one he fixed for you.

Perhaps you both will meet again, and you'll be able to ask more questions. And maybe, just maybe, stay longer around him.

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