Perspectives in Love, Pt. 1: Ambivalence
Perspectives in Love, Pt. 1: 

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tipsie Life's too short to wear boring clothes
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Just pt 1 of a few different people's takes on love. This one is by me, @tipsie

Perspectives in Love, Pt. 1: Ambivalence

It's crazy.

What we have isn't normal.

I know this, but my mind won't stop 'forgetting' this fact when I'm with you.

One minute we're arguing with the teacher for seating us next to each other,

Saying, "I'm not sitting by that jerk!"

and the next you're tapping me on the shoulder and telling me to shush as you slide me your answers.

One minute we're at each other's throats, pushing, kicking,

and then we somehow start tickling each other until we can't breathe and the teachers are yelling at us for disrupting the class.

I know it's crazy. I know it's weird.

But it feels so right.

The way you mock me for turning in a paper before everyone else, and then ask me to help you with it first.

The way you laugh at me when I'm uncoordinated and miss every single shot in gym class,

and then come over and show me how to do it right.

Sometimes you're the only one who doesn't drain my energy, despite all the fighting and arguing.

I can say anything with you, because I know I don't have to worry about hurting your feelings.

I think I like this crazy love/hate thing we have.

I think I like you.

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