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tipsie Life's too short to wear boring clothes
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What if we left? What if we ran?


What if we left? What if we ran?

What if we just started over again?

This world sucks, man, it's the truth

It's too harsh for me and you

I'm kind of crazy, rebellious too

I can't calm down, won't take the clues

Society's hopeless, always unsatisfied

They all just sit and wait till they die

Finding problems that don't exist and blowing them all up

Society's hopeless, we're all just f u c k e d

So let's just leave, forget this all

We're powerful, although we're small

We have opinions and ideas

That's all the pros that I can think of

But surely we can make a d i f f e r e n c e

by starting over, please just listen

I'll pack my stuff, you'll take your car

We'll drive and drive, going far

Leave your family, cut the closeness

Cause this world's entirely h o p e l e s s

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