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by tinyweirdgirl

I sit outside, enjoying the warm summer air as it brushes upon my skin. The wind wisps across my skin, flowing through my hair. I sit quietly listening to the birds chirp, children laughing.

It all sounds like music to my ears. The sun starting to set, it's golden hue fading slowly into the trees. The bird chirps soon turn to crickets. Children's laughter faded to the hoot of an owl.

The neighborhood is winding down, changing into it's nighttime wonderland. The stars have appeared and I watch as they dance across the sky, looking up as the moon glistens through the leaves.

The moon shyly makes it's presence known. I smile as I look up, gazing at the night sky. I whisper my troubles and secrets up to the moon, knowing she's listening.

It's night like these when I feel alone, but I remember I am not alone. For I have the great spirit of mother nature forever by my side. It is then when peace manages to flutter its way into me.

Climbing it's way into my mind, and bleeding into my delicate soul. It was at this very moment I became okay with being alone, only having the great spirit that is mother nature by my side.

It is this very moment when I realized, I was going to be okay. For I will always have mother nature to guide me, and show me the way.

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