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Random short stories that my brain comes up with. Hope you like them :)

Short stories

It was about noon when I saw her. I was outside the House on the field when I noticed her climbing out of the trees. She had no coat to protect her from the foot of white on the ground.

No, all she had was a scarf wrapped around her shoulders, a flimsy shield from the wind. I wanted to run to her, but something stopped me.

She started to turn, and I ducked behind a bush as she began walking toward a little child.

The poor kid didn't have a coat either, probably so small he escaped Their notice, or maybe they hopped if he died from the cold so They wouldn't have to take care of him any more.

The child was right by my bush, and I wanted to find a better hiding spot, but I know she'd see me moving. Her eyes could beat a hawk's.

As she approached, she knelt by the child and rubbed his cheek. "Are you cold?"

        "Ye- yes miss." She frowned.

        "They didn't give you a coat?"

"I had stolen some bread, they hadn't given me breakfast nor lunch and I was so hungry and they caught me, took my coat and sent me outside."

Her brow creases, and she slowly takes her scarf off, folds it in half, and wraps it around him. His eyes widen in surprise. "It's warm!" She laughs. His grin fades.

        "What if they take it from me?" Her face turns to stone.

        "Tell them..." Upon her face came a sly grin that I hadn't seen for many years.

"Tell them that Jessica will have a word to say with them if they do. Now go back inside, understand?" He nods quickly and runs off while she watches him.

Her smile fades, and she bites her lip. I study her. Her hair is longer, she grew a bit, her face thinned, but you'd only notice if you knew her as I did.

        No one ever forgets their sisters face.

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