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tinyolive22 Going through the motions.
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Advice to all you small- minded people :)

Judge Me

Are we really older?

That day you go one up

Maybe you can drive a car

Or now can (legally) do drugs.

How are you so different

From that day just before

I mean, sure, you learned

But are you really so changed?

Why does society care

Is your age really that important?

Why does it matter how old I am

If I write something decent

Why does that give you the right to judge me if you don't know me

Never talked to me

I understand what's happening

I don't know what you were like at my age but

Stuff happens

Some people mature faster

Before you judge someone by their age

Listen to their voice

Look at how they treat others


Be open

Every day someone is beat down because of their age

When someone undeserving is lifted up because if it

Don't judge my age, my clothes, my hair, the way I talk

Judge what matters

Judge Me

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