how the world will end
how the world will end water stories

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how the world will end

by madelinenarkins

there will be no clear villains

no rallying points, no demons no lines crossed to awaken humanity

the world will not end with fire

it will end with melting ice

white will become grey grey will become black

everything will ever so softly fade

Currency tips the scales over human life Governments won’t replace but corrupted

Fire is bright, hot, painful You can’t sleep through blazes

But the water rises

Freezing, frigid, slowly And we sleep It reaches our ankles, our knees, our wrist

As we dream of being martyrs It rises

For some it seeps into their noses But they need to learn to swim It rises

It cover and pilfers life after life But our concern refuse to lie with the lost

Because humanity has been cracked into groups To more easily be consumed by darkness It rises

We ignore our lives faded suddenly eyes break open Still to groggy to tread the water

it rose

It suffocates

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