My parents dreams
My parents dreams your-day stories

tinun Community member
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Poem, maybe poetry slam

My parents dreams

Lifting my head from the pillow in the morning,

feeling the need to make mother proud.

I can feel it in my head, inside, storming,

the pressure getting bigger, it‘s to loud.

Waking up 6, being ready 7, first lecture at 8,

needing to be perfect, healthy, funny, never to late.

But don‘t think of leaving the house without breakfast,

don‘t think of beeing at University the last.

Don‘t think of beeing not good enough,

we are all healthy, young, and smart,

our life is not very rough,

at least my mother tells me so.

As i step through the door at home,

my next tasks are pounding in my head,

wanting to be done.

Learning, studying, sport, perfection.

We are healthy young and smart, without direction.

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