6 months (a short story? about us)
6 months (a short story? about us) romance stories

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It's been 6 months.

6 months (a short story? about us)

It's been months,

It still hurts.

Not a single day have I not thought

Of what we could have been right now -

Happy. Laughing. Goofing around like we used to.

I would tell you about my day

You would tell me about yours

We'd talk to each other as if 24 hours wasn't enough

We'd be happily lost in each other's company

You made me the happiest and most loved person I could ever be.

I wanted us to work, I really fought for us.

I really did.

But I guess we don't win all the time.

We almost made it. I really am sorry.

Now that I had the chance to talk to you again,

All I could say was,

It was such a beautiful and heartbreaking moment.

But I guess that's how love was ever gonna be for me,

A paradox of beauty and sorrow.

It felt good to connect with you again,

To the point that I didn't bother if I would get hurt again

To cry buckets of tears again after.

For this heart still beats and breaks only for you.

There were some things that were different including you,

I can't blame you if suddenly became cold

If our love was something you couldn't hold

but even though things felt different,

I knew you were still there.

Like you said before, "I didn't want to put an alcohol on a healing wound"

But still I'm grateful for you

Your presence has forever graced my life

For as long as I see you happy

For as long as we still have this friendship

That will be more than enough.

Thank you, love.

I'm sorry for loving you so much until now.

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