A New Gay Love Story (pt.6)
A New Gay Love Story (pt.6) lesbian stories

tina_jj Hiii!!
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Hey sorry I was out of commaful for soooo long and this is my part 6. Warning: There are sex scenes.(Mostly the entire part 6)

A New Gay Love Story (pt.6)

Warning: Contains sex scenes so don't read it if you cant handle.

I pushed Kayla towards the bed and went on top of her unbuttoning her clothes. I kissed her stomach and every inch of her body. Her rib cage, her boobs, her everything. I kissed every bit of her.

She then turned me around and took of my pants and underwear. She kissed my clit and started fingering me. It was the best thing ever. I just could not stop moaning and she only stopped once i cummed. "Ooh look what do we have here." She said laughing and taking all the cum into her at once.

She looked at me from down there and asked." You okay babe? Did I go too hard?" "No. It's all fine I can handle it." I said. "Really? then..." Kayla started fingering me harder. I was all in pain but pleasured. I just kept moaning louder again and again. "FUCK YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES" I screamed and said " Don't stop Kayla. Don't you ever dare stop!" "Owhhh" I moaned.

Kayla then fell next to me feeling tired and we both were laughing. I then started fingering her ass. "You ready for this babe?" I asked. "Never this ready!" She screamed. I then started sliding my fingers in and out of her. "I want more." She yelled. "Really... Wait, let me grab my..." I said with a smirk. "Your what-"

Before she continued I took my dildo and started fucking her hard. "Owh yes Fuck! This is the best sex ever! I LOVE YOU BABY" We were all sweaty. Sweat was dripping out from our hair and I kept fucking her.

We stopped the moment we were really tired and sweaty. She looked into my eyes and gave me a kiss again. The both of us lied next to each other on bed.

We were both naked and she was feeling cold. I warmed her up as a good girlfriend by the both of us cuddling each other under the blanket and we just slowly slept off.

That's all for part 6. Hope u guys enjoyed it. Just to let you guys know I am not sure when will I be posting my part 7 as I am really busy these days

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